Monsoon is at its peak.  Driving along the bumpy roads of Kathmandu in this weather proves to be a challenge. Ignoring safety habits, especially in this weather, can be dangerous. Few things, if neglected or forgotten while driving, may lead to accidents. Here are few tips to be safe while driving during monsoon:

  1. Slow down:

The economic speed for vehicles in Nepal is 50-80 km per hour. During the rainy season, it is safer to drive at an even lower speed, considering the road conditions of Kathmandu.

  1. Pay close attention to ditches:

Roads in Kathmandu are full of ditches and potholes. When driving at high speeds, these tend to be neglected, which may lead to accidents.

  1. Control your temperature, and use the wiper when necessary:

When it rains outside, there might be temperature difference inside and outside your car. This can result in the fogging of your windshield from the inside. , so you need to manually air condition your vehicle properly as the wiper won’t help if it is raining heavily.

  1. Check your tyres:

If the tyres of your vehicles have become old and rusty, they may easily skid on slippery roads, and this may lead to accidents.

Ignoring these tips can lead to accidents. and driving in the rain won’t just be safe, but fun too!