When a car is designed, the manufacturer sets out a maintenance schedule, to keep the vehicle run safely and efficiently. Maintenance provided during this schedule is known as Periodic maintenance, in simple terms it’s called servicing. Manufacturer sets specific jobs to be done at specific interval, duration and specification of parts to be used. These materials are known as consumables. Life of these items varies according to driving and environment condition where they are used. Some of the items that need replacing during a service are as following.

  1. Engine Oil:

Engine oil is the blood to your engine. It needs to maintain its viscosity at all temperatures. Usually it replaced between 3500 – 15000 km depending upon the grade of engine oil used and the driving condition. But if you're does not run to the allocated distance in a year, then it is recommended to replace your vehicle engine oil after every one year, to maintain engine oil's quality.

  1. Engine Oil Filter:

Engine oil circulates within your engine's to lubricate moving items in your vehicle. Apart from lubricating, engine oil cools the engine and cleans the sludge formation between mating parts. This is filtered by engine oil filter during re-circulation of engine oil. It has to be replaced every time when you replace engine oil.

  1. Fuel filter:

No one can be certain about the quality of fuel that we are using nowadays. It comes from a closed vessel (fuel station) to the closed vessel (fuel tank). We cannot see whether there are dust particles, additives or water particles mixed. Fuel filter filters solid particles that may be present in your fuel. It has to be replaced between 20000 – 35000 km depends on quality of fuel used.

  1. Air Filter:

When you start your vehicle's engine, your engine is burning air-fuel mixture. With clean and free flowing air, your engine can provide best performance and mileage, thus heighten your engine's life. Depending on your environment, your air filter life can be ranged from 10000 – 20000 km. It has to be cleaned in properly in every service or every 3000 – 4000 km. Improper handling of it can decrease life of your air filter.

  1. Pollen (AC) Filter:

If you are allergic to dust particles, then before buying a new car, you should know whether your car is equipped with pollen (AC) filter or not. This filter is fitted in your car's ventilation suction, which filter your vehicles air and delivers dust free air. Its replacement duration range from 15000 – 25000 km and depends upon how you use your ventilation system. If you drive your vehicle using your re-circulation mode on, with your door windows closed most of the time, then you can extend your pollen filters life few thousand kilometers more.

  1. Coolant:

Coolants are not replaced frequently. They are usually topped up with clean distilled water. It consists of anti-freeze, anti-corrosion inhibitors that cools the heated engine as well as avoids corrosion in cooling circuits. The technician may check the specific gravity of your coolant and advice you when to flush and replace your coolant. Usually your coolant replacement interval range from 25000 to 35000 km or after every two years.

  1. Transmission Fluid:

During every service, technician checks the level of your transmission. Transmission overhauling job can be very expensive, so it has to be taken care.  In each service, transmission fluids have to be checked. Its replacement schedule can ranges from 50000 – 100000 km depending upon type of transmission and transmission fluid used. Some transmission gives unlimited life due to good transmission fluid.

  1. Brake Fluid:

It has to be checked and topped up if required during every service. Usually brake fluid has to be replaced between 20000 – 30000 km. Brake fluid is hygroscopic (tends of absorb atmospheric moisture with time) in nature, so manufacturer recommends replacement in every two years regardless of mileage of the vehicle.

  1. Power Steering Fluid:

Power steering fluid to replaced or flushed is not mentioned by manufacturer. They are usually topped up with quality power steering fluid. They are flushed or replaced when any failure seen or overhauling required in power steering circuit. It needs to be confirmed with your owner's manual/dealership before complete drain and replacement.

  1. Spark Plug:

Spark plug wears out and has to be replaced after certain interval. Spark plug has to be replaced after every 40000 – 60000 km. With worn spark plugs, your engine idles, RPM keeps fluctuating, trouble starting, misfire and hesitation, lack of pick up, high fuel consumption, etc.

  1. Timing Belt:

Timing belt/chain replacement is replaced as per instruction from manufacturer which can range from 80000 - 150000 km. But during each service it has to be checked for premature failure due to tension, crack, wear or damages.

  1. Battery Electrolyte:

Battery Electrolyte is actually a diluted sulphuric acid and precaution has to be taken while handling it. Nowadays battery are evolving and do not require electrolyte check. But for conventional type, the electrolyte level has to be checked during every service,