Choosing a scooter as “my” scooter can be especially confusing when there are so many options available in the market. Here are the five aspects to look upon before making a wise scooty purchase, for you and your scooter’s safety

Headlight and Taillight

Details make a difference. Headlights and tail lights ensures the rider is seen by others even in the most limited visibility conditions, avoiding crashes. It is crucial for the lights to be bright enough to be noticed by fellow riders.

Instrument Cluster Readability

While many of us find night riding peaceful, it can be difficult than riding at day time in terms of visibility. Make sure the light guides are placed in the correct position to illuminate the main dial for better night legibility.


Light weight scooter is much easier to control and drive around. The heavier weight of a scooter, the more strenuous it is to safely-maneuvering at slow speeds. Light weight scooters give riders the ability to go slower without tipping over.

Braking System

While drum brake is good enough and common in most of the scooters, disk brakes are relatively better in terms of weight, maintenance and efficiency. Disc brake system is lighter in weight and requires less maintenance than drum brake. Due to efficient heat dissipation in disc brakes, rider’s confidence is boosted to glide through narrow streets with sharp turns which requires braking frequently. Better acceleration can also be experienced without much vibration when scooters touch the speed of 80kmph..

Key Shutter Locking System

Wouldn’t it break your heart if your travelling companion is taken away from you by a random stranger, who also happens to be a thief? Key shutter lock prevents this as it is an anti-theft protective lock for the shutter of the ignition switch of scooter and only after opening this lock one can insert the key to unlock and start scooter. Hence, it is the lock that locks the lock itself.