On August 3, 2019, the long dream of Mrs. Lasana S.M. Shrestha was to finally unfold. The day she had dreamt about since she was young was finally here. With all the arrangements in order, the stage set and the paintings hung, a crowd began to gather outside the Banquet Hall at Hotel Annapurna. As the chief guest Mrs. Ambica Shrestha arrived, the crowd slowly moved to the door and with the ribbon cutting ceremony the first solo exhibition of Mrs. Meena Dangol began.

A tribute to her late father, veteran artist Mr. Hira Lal Dangol, Mrs. Meena Dangol took forth the torch of the Bird Painting Family of Nepal with the support of her loving family. During the opening speech, Mrs. Ambica Shrestha said, “This exhibition is a great initiative, not just taking forth the legacy of Mr. Hira Lal Dangol but also bringing to the people this avid diversity of avian fauna of Nepal.” 

As the opening ceremony drew to a close, the main lights dimmed, and the focus lights brought forth the majesty of the paintings exhibited. The atmosphere was made alive by the sound of magnificent birds, which brought forth the feeling of tranquility. The exhibition showcased Mrs. Dangol’s signature paintings of owls along with various other birds. Mrs. Dangol stated, “The owl in Hinduism is the carrier of Goddess Laxmi.” The exhibit also showcased some of the unfinished paintings of Mr. Hira Lal Dangol which had been completed by Mrs. Meena Dangol. 

Born on August 10, 1968 in Kathmandu to veteran artist late Hira Lal Dangol, Meena grew up watching her father instill life in canvas. Now 51, she recalls her first memory of when she picked up the brush with which she painted her first stroke. “I remember being around 14 or 15 years when I started painting. Being brought up in an artistic environment, watching my father and my brothers paint, I used to be intrigued and my curiosity grew as I got older. Her first painting was of a magpie at the age of 14, and from then till now that little girl, the curious of the artist, has transformed into a professional artist who has stroked numerous avian wonders into canvas.

Meena’s daughter Mrs. Lasana SM Shrestha, the curator of the exhibition said, “The exhibition today is my mother’s great pedestal to come out into the art world. She has done numerous exhibitions in the past in groups but had never done a solo exhibition. And the turnout was amazing, the guests really loved her art and I am grateful to all who supported our great endeavor.”