Friday night! Tired! Longing to chill with decent music! Hungry for good food! Yearning for cozy ambience!

Sanepa’s Blue Note Café is where you should head to enjoy Jazz and blue music and delicious food. It was established in 2016. This restaurant is highly recommended for all the music enthusiasts and who are also passionate about trying amazing food. It is dedicated in serving jazz and blues with Italian and Continental cuisines. Live jazz music is performed every Friday and occasionally on Wednesdays. Guests are welcomed to walk on six days a week (closed on Sundays) from 12p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

When it comes to culinary and decor, blue note is all about keeping it simple yet smart. Every dish is made with the fresh ingredients, and making it extra delectable. Some of the dishes you ought to try while visiting this music-and-food hub are Chicken basket, Lemon grilled chicken and Chicken Hawaiian salad. The chicken basket is an in-house invention and the main attraction  of this place. You will notice a good play with the texture, balancing crunchy and smooth perfectly. The filling is rich, creamy and melts in your mouth. The lemon grilled chicken, served in a bed of mashed potatoes, is tender and perfectly cooked. The hint of lemon, garlic, oregano and rosemary raises the dish to a new level. Chicken Hawaiian salad has a fusion of sweet, sour, savory and was very satisfactory. Few other dishes that are suggested to be given a shot are sea food salad, grilled pork, chicken satay skewers and chicken cordon blue. They also have a wide range of exotic cocktails and mocktails.

The atmosphere of this restaurant is very cozy and homely. There is a small garden which makes this place lovelier. The hall is built with wood and iron. However, the lightings, furnitures and aesthetics are smartly incorporated for a rustic style and extraordinary ambience. Also, open kitchen can be spotted, making customers confident about the sanitation and hygiene standards followed while preparing their food.

All in all, Blue Note Café is committed in offering the best food and music with the aim of saying goodbye to happy customers. Ladies can get happier as free cocktails are provided every Wednesdays to celebrate ‘Ladies Night’.


  1. Chicken Hawaiian salad
  2. Chicken basket
  3. Lemon grilled chicken with mashed potatoes