Octave is a rooftop restaurant in Durbarmarg that offers a world of simple fresh delectable Japanese flavors.

Durbarmarg, in the heart of Kathmandu has a long association with food. The area around here normally remains busy through day and night, and is generally infused with positive vibes. Situated within the Woodland Complex, in Durbarmarg, Kathmandu, Octave is a great place to relax, with its great music under the open sky, and a wonderful ambience. Octave, offers a vast array of cuisines made by experienced chefs years of experience. It has an outdoor Garden Lounge, along with Terrace Bar, that is a perfect venue to have quality time with loved ones, your family, and friends. A multipurpose hall that holds Octave Fashion Bazar on Saturdays from 11 am to 6 pm also showcases their fashion masterpiece. I recently got an opportunity to taste two of Octave’s famous Japanese-infused dish is recommended by the chef himself.

  1. Bento Box.

A lunch box that holds taste from around Japan was my personal favorite. You will find their famous sweet and sour ginger pork, light and crunchy fish cutlet, and sweet omelet cake served with sticky rice garnished with some sesame seeds. It is sweet and sour dish that comes with a bowl of Miso soup, which is very healthy drink for you because it has all the source of vitamins from soybean paste, raw tofu and seaweed.

  1. Sushi platter.

Chef’s special sushi platter is a to-die-for to all sushi lovers out there. If you are struggling to find the best place, Octave is by the far the finest.  It is platter of six different kinds of sushi.  You’ll taste raw tuna, crab, salmon, mackerel, fried prawn and egg sushi served with wasabi paste, or garnished with Japanese mayo, or spicy sauce. Follow the tradition of dipping your sushi in soy-sauce because honestly that is what gives you the kick. It is also garnished with pickled ginger or Gari, rich in antioxidants, which is an added health benefit.