Promoting Local Products, Keeping Health in Mind

A balanced breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. It makes a better morning, and plays a major role in the quality of the rest of the day. For your body to function at its best, both physically and mentally, eating a healthy morning meal is a must.

What if I told you healthy doesn’t always have to be un-yummy

As soon as you enter the café area, you will notice a cart where a kettle is kept atop an induction stove, and the fragrance of masala tea filing the room. The small cart at the corner, and the smell give you homely warm feelings and build up your appetite.

The indigenous taste

In the bakery section, you find almost everything you would normally find at a bakery, and one additional thing that is very special – the buckwheat bread. Made out of local buckwheat and custom made in Hyatt’s kitchen, the buckwheat bread is the healthiest choice. There is a series of home-made jams produced using native seasonal fruits watermelon, papaya, orange, apple and many more – available at the bakery, to spread on the bread. The beauty and uniqueness of these jams are that they have fuller taste, and are more fresh and thick than the jams we buy in the market. These homemade jams definitely have fewer preservatives than the commercial canned ones and as such are healthier in every way.

For the fruit lovers

By giving an earthy feel to the modern design of the café, the fresh fruit and juice counter makes the place so much more appealing. The best part is that you can mix and match the flavours you want in your juice as they have all the seasonal fruits laid out on the cart right in front of you. In matter of minutes they will have your juice ready for you right in front of your eyes. You should also not miss the tiny healthy shooters made of curd and fruit syrup that are available here.

The essential ingredients

Eggs are very important ingredients for balanced breakfast. A live station is always present here to cater to the egg needs of different guests. You can see two chefs always on the ready to make you the omelette you desire from white egg omelettes (a healthy option) masala omelette, poached eggs, boiled eggs and scrambled ones, anything you desire.

Hyatt provides tasty and varied breakfast that perhaps no other place offers,with warm smiles.

Price: NRP 1500 ++