Anyone can be anyone who is interested in cultivating flowers and wants to invest his or her time in giving it proper nurture and care can be a gardener.

According to Liberty Hyde Bailey, “A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them.” We will be talking about two kinds of basic garden variations and structure and the general way of maintaining them. People are mainly influenced either by flower pot garden or open garden. 

Spring time can be the best time to start gardening. It is the time of renewal of plant life. Many species of spring flowers grow from buds and everything feels new and alive. The flowers that shed their leaves in the dry and cold winter season come back to life in this season. Flowers that are left to decay in the winter come back to life again to rejoice in the beautiful weather of spring.  

So, what kind of plants can be ideal to grow during spring? 

For massive flower enthusiasts, seasonal flowers can be the best. Green plants like juniper, chameleon come live in the spring season.

How can you maintain your everyday garden?

Firstly, you should be knowledgeable about the kinds of plants you are buying and harvesting. Taking this into consideration, you should plant them at the right place. The flowers based on their species prefer their own climatic structure.  Some plants may need direct sunlight while other plants may only need partial sunlight. Similarly, there are plants which prefer shady areas as well.

Without proper knowledge, some amateur gardeners can over water or under water the plants and destroy them. Plants cannot grow properly with basic nutrition and it should be regularly given organic treatments like using cow dung in everyday home garden. 

How can we control pests? 

The best way to prevent and control pests in a garden is through fertigation. But if the flowers are not infested by a lot of pests and severe damage is not done, organically improving the plant quality can be the best idea.
Also, proper nutrition should be provided to plants. A gardener should be mindful about providing proper nutrition since the beginning and initially during its growing stage. This effort shown from early days can make the flowers strong and they can better fight the pests. 

If all goes in vain, you always have the option of spraying pesticides and insecticides to terminate pests at a larger number. 

What kind of gardening is ideal for Kathmandu? Room garden or open garden?

Open garden can be a luxury to people. They have a passion to invest time on variety of flowers. Usually, those people who have a lot of leisure time tend to expand their keen interest in flowering. They are constantly involved in tuning, cutting, watering, budding, fertilizing during weekends. So, if you can afford the time and effort with a bonus of huge gardening space, you should definitely go for a proper open garden.

Room garden, however, isn’t as glamorous as the open garden because of limited space and does not provide much room to expand the growth. However, if you are interested in flowers and the beauty of it, you can manage this garden even with a busy lifestyle. This kind of garden is adequate if you do cannot afford sufficient time and effort. You do not need to have the luxury of space, and plantation is done with minimum maintenance plants. They can also be called pot garden as plants are grown in pots inside the house.  

What are ideal pot garden plants?

Ideal pot garden plants are silver yucca, phoenix, sansevieria, peace lily, cactus, arrow plants etc. Talking about the popular nursery or flower shop in the context of Kathmandu, ‘I am the garden’ is an indoor garden system that has expertise on room planting and balcony/ room planting.

Their bestseller can be succulents, which includes plants like cactus, palo pam, silver yucca, sansevieria(snake plant).  These are considered to be the best indoor plants.