Target Readers

As a magazine focused completely on homemaking, our primary readers are mostly either married, or at a pre-married status. Our target readers are well educated, urbanized, of both genders, and within the age bracket of 24 - 50.

Circulation & Readership

We have identified the following variety of channels through which we have been reaching our readers:


All advertisers, potential advertisers and influential personalities of the society (celebrities, corporate heads) get complimentary copies of Smart Family magazine.

Smart Family magazines are sent as trial- subscription to various corporate houses, housing colonies and apartments to turn them into regular subscribers.

We also conduct Subscription Campaigns regularly with various schemes to increase the number of our subscribers.

Display copies

Smart Family magazines are displayed in Restaurants, Hotel Lobbies, Hotel Restaurants, Hospital lounges, Clinic’s waiting-rooms, College libraries and Boutiques. Ratio of readers per copy through this kind of display is very high, which is around 100 readers per copy as per our research.

Magazine Stand copies

Smart Family magazines are available in all the leading departmental stores and bookstores in and outside of Kathmandu.

Each issue of Smart Family magazine is printed a minimum of 2000 to a maximum of 3000 copies. Total readership of the magazine is around 80,000 - 1,00,000 readers for each issue. Besides Subscribers and Magazine Stand Sales, a large portion of our readers are reached through Display Copies mentioned above.

Advertisement Rates

Ad Size Rate 4 months
(10% Discount)
8 months
(15% Discount)
12 months
(20% Discount)
Cover Spread 60000 54000 51000 48000
Inside Spread 54000 48600 45900 43200
Back Cover 48000 43200 40800 38400
Front Cover Inside 37500 31875 31875 30000
Back Cover Inside 37500 31875 31875 30000
First Page 37500 31875 31875 30000
Full Page 30000 27000 25500 24000
Full Page (S)* 34500 29700 28050 26400
Half Page 18000 16200 15300 14400
One Third 12000 10800 10200 9600
One Fourth 10800 9720 9180 8640

All the rates above are for one issue and excluded of VAT.

*Full Page (S): Special Placement of an advertisement.