“I will bully you, I will fight with you, but if need arises, I will stand by you.” Every time sibling must have uttered those words at some point in his or her life.

Two well-known faces in Kollywood, Ayushman Deshraj Shrestha Joshi and Aashirman Deshraj Shrestha Joshi, share a strong brotherly bond which is quite evident from the fact that most of the time they are spotted together. How could anybody not notice them? We recently got hold of this duo and share here with you some interesting and fun filled insights on this relationship.

Like any familial bond, the relationship between brothers is meant to nourish and support each other and be a source of joy and fun. But then again there are times when we wish our siblings would just disappear. It may be the longest relationship of your life, and is definitely one of the most important and enduring ones. This relationship can also be the most complex relationship, a blessing a curse depending upon your outlook on life. But there is no doubt that two brothers stand stronger when they are together and support each other, much like Ayushman Deshraj Shrestha Joshi and Aashirman Deshraj Shrestha Joshi.

You have been friends since day one

Ayushman: No matter what, he is always going to be there. I will also do my best to always give him reasons to be there for me. We are individual people born in the same family. But more than the whole concept of family having to be with each other, we actually gel with each other. We gel at a certain frequency where we do not necessarily need other people to also vibrate in. He is younger to me but then I look for advice from him. It has never been about age. I just love him for the fact that he is who he is -- the best brother I could ever ask for.

Aashirman: Rather than brothers, we are more of friends. Age too does not matter a lot in our relationship as long as we respect each other. We get along really well and it is not just because we are brothers, but because we have similar kind of personality. And I am so protective of him. He is supposed to be the one who is protective as he is elder, but I am like, “Do not do this, do that.” It is not like I am dominating but I am very bossy. It is also because I have a logical reason for it.

From modelling to VJing to singing to acting, is there anything else that is yet to be done by Ayushman? And then as an added pleasure to viewers like us, his younger brother Ashirman too now got into movies. Relating to this, I asked Ayushman if, as someone with more experience in movies, he ever advised Ashirman, and how come they both got into movies.

Ayushman: I have never asked him to do this or that as it is his life, and the relationships he has is solely his. We are individual people with our own individual thoughts and beliefs and we just do our best to gel. It is not hard effort; it comes naturally. And talking about getting into movies, I was into the theater since my school days. I had an interest since long back. We would both watch YouTube videos of celebrities outside of Nepal, and that would get us motivated a lot.

Aashirman: It was not like we wanted to be actors specifically. Rather we wanted to be in the entertainment industry since the very beginning.

Any acts where you were partner in crime?

Ayushman: We like to nag each other, we are very naggy at times.

Aashirman: Actually more than nagging each other, we gang up and tease our mom. We make sure she has an absolute hard time. (Both of them laugh out loud). Sometimes I feel bad for her and then we both go to her and say ‘Love you,’ and try to please her.

Any recollections of naughtiness in childhood?

Aashirman: We both were decent kids, but then the difference was we could see his mischief on his face whereas I did all the mischief from behind. I just remember him being suspended for a couple of days for some stupid reasons like scribbling a desk I guess. Our dad used to pick us up from our respective schools, and I remember dad telling me about this while we were coming back home.

Ayushman: And then continuing on with that story, my mom and my dad were called in to my school. I was waiting for them to be there. Our coordinator wanted to have a talk with my parents. Once they were at school my teachers started showing what I had done. Believe me, you could not see the scribbles with your naked eyes and my mom and dad were like, “See what?” But they went “Oh that is really bad.” We then came out of the office and started laughing. It was so funny.

In what ways are you similar and different?

Ayushman: Our face is the first thing that resembles the most between us and then we have a similar fashion sense. There are lots of resemblances but then there are also lots of other differences that kind of make us who we are.

Aashirman: We both have similar kind of sense of humor. We try to be very witty. People do not get our jokes at times and stare at us but we get them and we are like full of naughty and mischievous jokes. As he said, we have lots of resemblances but then we are entirely different people. Our nature is in some aspects completely opposite. For example, if I want things prim and proper, he is completely opposite to that.


April 1st Special Q & A

Since it is an April 1st special issue, what one memorable prank did you pull on each other?

We try to prank each other almost all the time, but then there is not one to specify. We play pranks on our mom, dad, friends, but it is never planned. It is more like a situational prank. It depends on who s/he is and we improvise (both of them laugh). We are like a tag team.

What is your idea of April 1st?

Ayushman: It is just another day

Aashirman: I second that, because we joke and play pranks almost every second day.

What is your favorite cartoon character?

Ayushman: Well my favourite cartoon character is Son Goku from Dragon Ball Z. I have always loved Dragon Ball Z.

Aashirman: Mine favourite is Johnny Bravo, I think I can relate to it a little. Not saying that I like to play with anyone’s feeling or anything, but I am a very good person. (Laughs out loud).

What is your favorite comedy series?

Ayushman: Friends

Aashirman: F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Imagine as if I have spelled it wrong (Laughs).


Know them better – Fun Facts

All - time favourite food

Ayushman: Momo.

Aashirman: I love everything.

Hands on cooking

Ayushman: I have lived on my own. I had to cook for myself, and I cook really well.

Aashirman: From tea to fried rice to egg, we can cook everything.

Where can we find you when you are not at work?

Aashirman: Home

Ayushman: Yeah, doing all the naughty stuff (Both of them laugh out loud).

Household chores include

Ayushman: Today morning itself I decked up my room.

Aashirman: Everything, starting right from washing clothes to washing dishes, brooming. Literally everything. It is like we are very independent in that way.

Any phobia

Ayushman: Dumassaphobia (phobia of stupid people)

Aashirman: Dumassaphobia

Favorite music genre

Ayushman: Romantic

Aashirman: We listen to almost everything: Blues, Jazz, everything except for Metal. Never were we a Metal person.

Favorite songs

Ayushman & Aashirman: Hawayein from Jab Harry Met Sejal, LOVE from Kendrick Lamar featuring Zacari, Passion fruit by Drake, Channa Mereya from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Hold On We Are Going Home by Drake featuring Majid Jordan, Kabira from the movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.