Paint your house this Dashain with Berger's new product, SILK Glamour.

As the majority of people follow the Hindu religion in Nepal, Dashain is considered as the most important festival in the country. This auspicious occasion is celebrated usually during September or October and it starts in the Shukla paksha (bright lunar fortnight) and ends on the day of the full moon. As families unite and celebrate together, every home is cleaned and decorated wonderfully. This process also marks re-painting once home with vibrant colors.

Painting a house is a big step as you have to take care of natural and climatic factors such as Sun, Wind, Rain, Dust and Sheen. The paints are broadly classified into Interior and Exterior segments.
In the context of Nepal, Berger is regarded as best in class paints since 2002. Several alterations of paints are found in the market like Silk Glamour, Weather Coat Life Long, Silk Luxury, Weather Coat All Guard, Weather Coat Anti Dust, Silk Illusions, Seal-O-Prime and the entire XP Range Products that operates through Automated XP Machines.

Interior: SILK Glamour Xp Advanced Luxury Emulsion
Silk Glamour is the most premium emulsion of Berger Paints in Interior Emulsion category. This is a luxury interior emulsion designed to give your walls a durable, glamorous and rich appearance. 
Silk Glamour Luxury Emulsion is formulated using the Crystal Reflective Technology which gives an ultra-smooth finish to the walls and retains its freshness for a long time. Silk Glamour is available in metallic and non-metallic shades and is free of added APEO, formaldehyde and is also low in VOC.

Some of the benefits of using this interior emulsion are:
Rich Sheen and Ultra: The emulsion has a superior grade and high emulsion content with Crystal Reflective technology. It provides rich sheen and ultra smooth glamorous finish to the walls.

Superior Cleanability: Silk Glamour provides a super cleanability. It is stain resistant with highly washable properties of the emulsion.

Metallic Shimmer Effect: Silk Glamour also has unique metallic shades which provide a metallic shimmery effect to your walls as they come in gold and silver bases.

Elastomeric Film: Silk Glamour has an elastomeric film which has the crack bridging ability. It helps in bridging hairline cracks of your walls.

Green Pro Certified: It guarantees a cleaner, more sustainable future with production of paints having very low VOC level that does not affect human health.

Exterior: Weather Coat Long Life Xp Advanced Exterior Emulsion 
This exterior paint is the most original product designed using PU and Silicon Technology. Moreover, the exterior walls require removal of dust. This paint keeps your home look fresh for years to come. The effect of the paints can last up to 10 years and it feels like it is as good as new. 

While the other benefits of using exterior emulsion are: 
Advanced protection: It is ideal for heavy rainfall areas and prevents exterior walls issues.

Truly durable: It has a 10-year performance warranty.

Green Pro Certified: Emulsion has nano silicon technology which protects against extreme rain.

True shades never fade: Makes your house look new, year after year. This shade lasts for more than 10 years. 

High sheen: PU provides the superior sheen finish. Your house will be the talk of the town!

CEO of Berger Paints Nepal Mr. Satya Prakash who has been promoting the innovative products of Berger in terms of quality and performance in Nepal since last 20 years. In an interview with Smart Family Magazine Mr . Satya Prakash stated, “Today, emulsion-based products are popular and both the interior and exterior products of Berger are eco-friendly. Berger is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to paints in Nepal.”