The idea of customization is new to Nepal, especially in the case of furniture and interior design. Many who see exquisite designs in Pinterest and take them to the local carpenter or furniture house are often told that they cannot be made. But that is aboutto change with the entry of Metalwood. 

I was introduced to Metalwood while visiting Local Project Nepal. The products on display were refreshing. I was introduced to its wide range of furniture, and other accessories. What Metalwood creates I found out is not a piece of furniture but a piece of functional art. 

Story behind Metalwood 

Nicolas Marie (NM): The story behind Metalwood was to create a design studio with a workshop to make all our products in the same place, where we could directly supervise work, control quality, be more on time, and be able to handle more projects as well. 

SJ: Basically we work with the two elements “Metal” and “Wood,” thus it’s easy to say Metalwood. Did you guys brainstorm any other names?  NM: Yes we did but as Suraj said we really specialize in mixing metal and wood with simple and innovative designs. “Metal Shappers,” one of the SJ’s companies specializes in the element of metal on products, and we add the element of wood, and bring it together. 

The Founders of Metalwood 

We are four Nim Suraj Joshi, Niraj Joshi, Jitendra Shrestha, and Nicolas Marie. The story behind that is we are four friends. NM and Jiten come from one side, and Nim and Suraj come from another side. We were working together before Metalwood and we were all in need a good design studio and a workshop. Thus we collaborated and founded “Metalwood.” 

Vision and Philisophy

SJ: Our main goal is to satisfy the client, in the market where there are bigger companies than ours. They might view high volume production favorable. Here at Metalwood, a client can approach us with a minimum volume or with a high volume. But we treat each client and product equally. We value quality work, punctuality and customer satisfaction over all others considerations. 

NM: Good mood and working together. It’s not just us the co-founders working together, but us and the entire team of architects and workers. We wont be able to produce quality of work without this level of integration with all our team members. 

Array of Metalwood 

We focus on products and projects, as we are a design studio and a workshop. Some of our signature design works have been: R.S Moto, Evoke in Jhamsikhel, Duplex Loft in Jawalakhel, and Musicology in Bakhundol. We are currently working for communitere in Pulchowk and Low Cost Housing at Halchowk. We have six full time architects in  our design studio and the workshop produces furniture and accessories releated to interrior design and architecture. 

The recent surge of #madeinnepal has created a beautiful market for products sourced and crafted in Nepal. How has the reception been for Metalwood? 

NM: It has been very good. All of our resources are sourced in Nepal and handcrafted by skilled local artisans. We mix traditional design with modern machinery and techniques to bring truly Nepal made products. 

Artisans are Metalwood 

NM: There are four different fields at Metalwood: Metal Artisans, Carpenters, Sanding, and Painting departments. Each of them specializes in their core areas. For copper and bronze we work with local artisans in Patan. 

Founded in 2016, how has the journey been and if you had to sum up this experience and give a message to aspiring entrepreneurs.

SJ: Work hard to be honest with clients, punctual, and be being friends with all staff. 

NM: I guess one has to be passionate as well. The main thing is to love the projects, one’s work and products, and being confident. 

Metalwood in 2019 

SJ: We are building our factory in Sadobato. 

NM: We are planning to move our wood and metal production into the factory, where we have a bigger space, and where workers and artisans can work with ease, complete all orders, and focus on new products. 

If you had to sum up this entire journey in 10 words:

NM: Fast, intense, excitement, innovation, creative, collaboration, struggle, family, empowerment, and potential.