A few pointers mentioned here lets you choose a couch on which you can sit or lie down comfortably as well as make your living room more beautiful.

Have you ever seen a modern living room without a couch? It is indeed rare. A good comfortable couch is now an essential item in the living room. 

If you find it difficult to choose a couch which ticks all the boxes then we have got you covered. Let this article be a guide to all who wish to have a good couch, with beautiful aesthetics, who wish to bring life to there living room. 

Let’s first talk about the common mistakes people make while choosing a couch.

Getting a couch that doesn’t fit your room 
In Nepal, the idea of “I want it, I got it” is very prevalent but families sometimes fail to consider the space available for those items in the rooms. Rather than planning and researching where is the best place to place the couch it’s more about buying the couch first and seeing where it fits later. This leads to the living space looking very crammed. And at times, if the couch consists of multiple pieces you find them spread around the room like pawns in a chess board. 

Settling for the face value of a couch
The other common mistake made is settling for the face value of the couch, which is mentioned below in greater detail by Mr. Prateek Pradhan of Ultimate Décor. Buyers get mesmerized by the outer look of the couch -- the design, fabric and style -- but fail to dig a bit deeper and learn what lies in the heart of the couch. Most Nepalese families settle for a couch with leather cover, bright colors, and after a good game of bargaining -- a cheaper price.  

Making it local 
The idea of having your couch made locally is a good idea if you want it to be cost effective and have the exact design in mind. But what makes a good couch is not some fancy design but a good foam on the inside. When designed locally good quality foam is never guaranteed and even though it will look good, once you sit on it you’ll know why it was a bit cheaper. 
Thus we consulted Mr. Prateek Pradhan of Ultimate Decor to know what are the most important aspects that one should consider while looking for a comfortable couch.

What are the common mistakes people make when picking a sofa/couch?
A common mistake people make often lies underneath the surface. The quality of foam used greatly impacts the overall comfort and durability of sofa. Lower cost couches usually have lower density foam in them. First, customers maybe drawn to lower price and softness of the seats. However, it compromises on durability and shape of the sofa in they long run. Second, the internal structure of sofa. The choice of wood, often hidden, is another major aspect that needs to be considered when picking sofa. Denser wood tends to be heavier and stronger, whereas softer woods succumb to heavy and rough use. Having said that, lighter woods are much easier to move and affordable as opposed to denser counterparts. So while picking a sofa, both these building materials (foam and wood) and purpose of the furniture should be kept in mind. Another mistake is the quality of fabric or PU leather (commonly known as rexine) that is used. These come in various standards and for various purposes. People should pay attention to the stitches and he feel of the outer fabric.

In context of Nepal, what designs are most popular? 
Design trends are quite tricky. Some are inspired by subtle variations on basic designs and fabric patterns while some have good knowledge of material and aesthetics. From our recent customer experience, dual toned L- Sofa sofa with glass topped arms have gained massive popularity.

Among the various selections available at Ultimate Décor, which would you recommend for a Nepali family? 
We have a range of sofa that combines elements of contemporary and minimalist designs in softer color palette. These occupy less space and give a brighter appearance to the living space. Among our product lines, I recommend these as they reflect recent trends at affordable price range without compromising 
on quality.