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If you want to relax and feel cozy in your home, then it’s time to declutter your space and decorate it in minimalist style. You should well-organize your apartment with pure aesthetics of simplicity and effective and functional décor items.
Minimalist interior design features

When you decorate your home/space in a minimalistic style, bear in mind the following factors: balanced neutral color palette, good looking and functional sofas with soft pillows, chairs, armchairs, stools, tables, fittings, window treatments, lighting, flooring, wall art, plants and other decorative accessories. That’s how you create a simple, calm, and clear appearance in your home.

Contemporary, modern and Scandinavian interior design styles use a minimalistic approach in home decoration. That’s why basic concepts of simplicity, clarity, and conciseness identify all these styles.

Minimalist color scheme

When you decorate your home, it’s better to use neutral color palette. You may mix neutral hues with bright colors. For instance, a perfect combination of white, marble or grey table with yellow, brown or red shelves.
The easiest way to create more visual space is to paint walls and ceiling in a white or grey color. If your flooring is the same color as walls and ceiling, it gives you extra visual space.

If you like pure simplicity you may use one color such as white or grey. But this décor solution makes the room a bit boring. That’s why we recommend using at least two colors: one for a base, and second for décor accents.

Functional minimalist style furniture

We recommend choosing comfortable and low furnishings such as sofa, chairs, table, fittings and shelves. Every piece of furniture should have an aesthetic and functional side. That’s why don’t use excessive number of furniture.
You may use a fireplace for a cozy atmosphere and heating your home.  Refuse lifestyle décor items and lovely knick-knackeries for a clean and a tidy room appearance.

Simplify your home

You may be able to simplify your life if you declutter your home from unnecessary décor accessorizes that are just gathering dust. Don’t let things lie everywhere and create a mess. If you choose a minimalist concept it opens the possibility of living in a neat and clean apartment. It’s a fresh breath for you and your family. If you want to add a chic décor element, the item should be in harmony with all the other interior pieces and be in the same style. You may choose luxury window accessories (curtains etc.) made of expensive fabrics that look super stylish and that balance well with minimalist furniture, lamps, TV, flooring and lighting.

If you like natural lighting, using plantation shutters or sheer curtains without drapes will be enough.

White sheer curtains allow natural light to flood the apartment for a fresh breath of minimalist lifestyle.