The DIY or (Do-It-Yourself) trend finally seems to have taken root in Nepal. It lets people try out imaginative things and puts their creativity to test. One of the organizations successfully rising up with this trend is Namaslay Artisans.

Ms. Shreeya Gautam is the creative mind behind Namaslay Artisans that has brought to the market, among other products, the ever popular colorful, unique, handmade artistic touch cushions and neck pillows. 


Shreeys’s passion for DIY began at an early age, when she handmade birthday cards, gifts, and other decorations to add a personal touch. And the idea for Namaslay emerged after she saw on numerous occasions how gifting friends and family members DIY presents with thoughtful personalization could bring so much joy, the idea deepened further when contemplating what career path to pursue, and finally resulted in the creation of DIY goods company. 


The inspiration to start a business came from her most constant supporter, mentor and her best friend, Mr. Kushal Karmacharya, claims Ms. Gautam. Having successfully led a business of his own; SP Events & advertising Pvt. Ltd., Ms. Gautam claims that it was him who stood by her in the moments of doubt and really made her believe that she was capable of starting and running her own business, rather than working for someone else.


She began by producing Namaslay's now-popular DIY 'fluffy notebooks' and putting them on the market. When the number of orders started to rise rapidly, she felt validated that starting the business was the right decision. Her cushions and pillows have designs that are refreshing and fun, and are made to add color to the couch. Each individual cushion brings an element of art, color as well as mischief. There are also product variations like Monster Pillows, Travel Pillows, Fluffy Pillows or Plushies that add a great utility both at home and during travel. These products are also unique choices as personal comforters and for gifts. Namaslay pays close attention to quality and with every new addition aims to ensure that comfort and style go hand in hand. Moreover, a lot of care is put into the selection of soft materials used inside these cushions and pillows to ensure that they give a feel of luxurious comfort, whether for resting after a tiring day at work or relaxing during a lazy day in.   


The Nepalese market is booming with innovation products, and DIY products have significant share in it. Amongst the Nepal-made goods businesses, Namaslay has already made a mark in the market with a great range of handmade artistic products ‑‑ from pillows, cushions, plushies, blindfolds, to notebooks. Ms. Gautam mentions that this is just the start. In the coming days Namaslay is planning to add even more creative products to its collection.