Selecting gifts can be difficult but getting a gift that matches the person’s aura can be tough. Getting your loved ones a customized gift with a message will leave them feeling a little extra special.

There was time when gift shops such as Hallmark and Archies used to be crowded with people picking out cards and cute little gifts for their loved ones. But gone are the days when you would give people generic gifts.

 People now days are all about giving customized gifts. People love to put thought and effort when they buy customized gifts. Everybody from old to young loved ones would love such thoughtful gifts.

 Incase you are wondering what gift we are talking about - it’s customized cushions. Customized cushions are all the hype in K-town.

 One of the biggest names in the customized cushion is Piches Artcore by Shreya Joshi. She is an MBA graduate who had the knack for painting. She stumbled upon a DIY video on Youtube and started with a hand painted cushions. Her work was appreciated when she made a batch for Priyanka Karki, who encouraged Shreya to try her hand at what she was good at.

 With the number of orders she was getting she had to move onto machine printed customized cushions. “Cushions are so huggable and personal. My first orders had messages, “Hug this when you miss me.” It just increases the value of cushions as a gift.” says Shreya.

 You can now get anything printed on your customized cushions such as quotes, names, cartoon designs and pictures. Pinches Artcore has also started producing star, crown and lips shaped cushions. She has also does bulk printing for corporate orders on cushions.

 Although, Shreya started out her venture with printed cushions but now she also makes customized cups, frames and t-shirts.