A contemporary green innovation perfect for smart riders stuck in cramped up cities.

If you are an environmentally responsible person, the luxury of driving two-wheeler brings with it some guilt. Dreadful problems like pollution and global warming are caused by your fuel-based travel medium. We assure you not to worry.  Just a smart switch of choice and you can bid farewell to all those problems without having to compromise on your luxury.

NIU, also known as China’s “Apple of electric scooters,” is an emerging yet eminent Chinese company offering a solution to all the problems caused by fuel-based automobiles by building the next generation electric scooters. Launched in 2015, the company has created history by selling nearly $11,000,000 USD worth of eScooters in fifteen days, and is one of the top-ten crowdfunded campaigns of all-time globally. In 2016, an international version known as the N1S was introduced to the global stage. This electric scooter is popular all around the world, especially in Europe.  After taking the world by storm, the highest selling and number one electric scooter N1S is here to take over the streets of Nepal under the dealership of Eco-Infinity Private Limited.

The e-scooter is fueled by a 29Ah or 150 watt-hour Panasonic lithium ion battery pack, which comes with a two-year warranty.  Lithium-ion batteries are lighter, more environmentally friendly and last longer. Six hours of fully charging the battery will give you a mileage of 80 Km.  In other words, you can make short stops around the city (almost 11.5 km per day) for a week without having to recharge. The super light portable battery weighs only 10kg, so it isn’t much of a hassle to get it indoors for recharging. Moreover, charging stations are available at Labim Mall and at the Evo store in Sherpa Mall.

What makes NIU a smart scooter is the fact that it is powered with sim cards, which you can sync with the NIU app. The app keeps you connected with the scooter by giving instant GPS location, real-time diagnostics, and anti-theft tracking features. No big deal if you can’t spot your scooter in the crowded parking lot because you can track it down on your phone. The scooty alerts you in the event of any malfunction and provides information such as routes you have travelled, and the level of charge still remaining in your battery, to mention a few. The ‘360° Protection’ feature prevents over-charging, over-discharging, short circuit, over-current; controls temperature, and equalizes cell. Three modes of riding are offered for different riding conditions: mode 1 saves energy in order to extend driving range; mode 2 optimizes for speed and driving range; and mode 3 provides speed over range.

BOSCH developed 2400W Motor sits at the core of N1S.  Electric Brake System (EBS) and Field Oriented Control (FOC) optimizes power conservation and output by effectively reutilizing power during certain periods of braking and limiting power output during select periods of acceleration. This not only makes your ride safer, but also recycles energy back into the system, providing an additional 6% of battery power.  In other words, about 4km of riding range on an average. This improves the vehicle performance altogether.

With minimalism being the mantra, the design appreciates aesthetics and simplicity without being boring. Donning an LED Headlight, LED Turning Light, LED Tail Light, LED Braking Light, LCD Dashboard, Central Control Unit, USB Charging Port, Dual-Piston Hydraulic Disk Brake both front and rear, the N1S is a futuristic beauty. The Smart Dash provides basic diagnostics in a quick-view form so a rider can glance at its speed, remaining battery capacity and the strain it is putting on the battery. 18.9 liters of storage space sits under the seat, making it easy to stow your helmet, small bags, and basic items. The tires have a pretty notable grip an slippery as well as dry roads. The batteries are held in a secure compartment that can be opened via a key lock in the under saddle area.

The two-wheeler has a wheelbase of 1280mm and 95kg curb weight.  Max speed of 45km seems disappointing in comparison to petrol-based two-wheelers, but it isn’t below par for an electric scooter. It can comfortably accommodate two people weighing up to 200kg in total. It is 1800mm long, 700mm wide and 1130mm high with ground clearance of 145mm, and the seat is 740mm above the ground.  A pre-compression technology reduces the road vibrations while still allowing the rider to feel firmly connect to the street.

Priced at whopping Rs. 2, 65,000, this e-scooter might be perceived as expensive even for fuel-based scooters. However, features such as impressive mileage, larger motor, superior battery, sleek design, safety features and a number of extra “bells and whistles” balances out the hefty cost. It is undoubtedly a smart ride that provides an incredible riding experience while still remaining eco-freedom.