If you really want to be part of the green living society and are serious about every aspect of your life being environmentally friendly, consider the advantages of the electric car.  Since this car runs on an electric motor as opposed to a gasoline engine, the best news about it is that it is hundred percent emission-free. While driving gasoline-operated cars pollute the air, driving an electric car or EV (electric vehicle) promotes clean air.

Here are few things which would help you understand the benefits of electric cars:

Environment-friendly: These cars are the best options when it comes to not harming the environment, because they cause low pollution.

Cheaper: The cost of electricity that is required is one-third of the cost of running on petrol.

Low maintenance cost: When it comes to servicing costs it is much lesser compared to the traditional ones. These cars do not have exhaust systems, starter motors, injection systems, and radiators.

Health benefits: These cars generate very low noise and hence cause low noise pollution.

Safety improvements: These cars have a low centre of gravity which makes them lesser susceptible to rolling over and are less likely to catch fire and are safe from any kind of explosions.