Stranded in the Middle of Nowhere

Cruising at 90 km per hour with the windows rolled down, you have no idea where you are or where you’re going, and have nobody except music for your company.  Sounds like a pleasant adventure, a drive out to wherever the road takes you. What if suddenly the car breaks down and there is no way to contact a mechanic or anyone else? You need to get your car up and running, but how would you kick start your car in the middle of nowhere?

Normally when kick starting a car, drivers usually put the ignition on the drive position, and the car on the second gear, and, while constantly pressing the clutch pedal, have someone else outside the car push or pull to gain momentum. However, the first step you really need to take is to locate the main source of the problem, i.e. the part of the car that stopped working. Only after identifying what caused the breakdown, can you successfully kick start your car. Therefore, you need to learn to sequentially check that everything is in order: the fuse, the batteries, the terminals, the pipelines, and all the parts that get a car going.

Suppose the reason that the car broke down is because of a loose fuse, which something that could easily happen on a bumpy road.  When this happens, the fuse needs to be tightened. So grab a wire (from the emergency tool box) and tighten the fuse. While some cars need fuse wires to touch only once to start the car, other cars need fuse wires to continuously remain in contact in order to keep the car going. This depends on whether the car is diesel run or petrol run.  If it is the pipelines that are giving the car a tough time, then its best to just check the lines and remove any dirt or clogs.