Save thousands of money in your account by reserving at least 1% of fuel per year in fuel dispenser.

It all begins once you turn the keys and start it up. The very moment you do it, the countdown begins. Yes, you are running on the clock. The more you are on it, the more it asks for. It’s all about fuel. Be it the hatchback or sedan or SUVs it affects all. I mean no matter how big or small, how expensive or cheap it requires fuel to run them all.

To top it off, we live in such conditions where fuel isn’t cheap. In fact, fuel is the running expenditure for a running vehicle. And if one could just save fuel even if it is half liter a month, it will make an impact. Yeah may be just one vehicle saving six liters a year won’t make bigger of a deal. But looking at a big picture what if its ten thousand vehicles at least. Now think about it. The impact is much bigger and the cost is staggering.

Fuel is a significant cost when it comes to running a vehicle. There are ways you could save money on fuel, so that you could free up your cash for other things. Here are a few fuel saving tips as told by Pursottam Shrestha, owner of Dream Motors.

1.Changing the air filter on time could save fuel up to 20%. Once your vehicle runs over ten thousand kilometers, it’s a good time to get a new air filter.

2.Getting the vehicle serviced on time, makes all the difference. Especially keeping the life of Mobil in mind. If it’s a good grading its life span would be 5000 to 7000kms. If it’s a low grading Mobil its life span would be around 3500 kms for your four wheeler.

3. Pressing the clutch for a long period of time is another factor that gets fuel wasted. While in traffic jams it is good to get your vehicle in neutral, pull up the hand break and release your foot from the clutch. This not only saves fuel but prolongs the life of clutch plate as well.

4. The speed limit that you drive on is a matter of concern, if you are on the road without traffic jams, sticking to the economical speed limit (40 to 60kms) would result in less fuel consumption.

5. The dusty roads just gives a hard time not just to people but the vehicles running on it as well. Getting the fuel filter changed in every 20,000 kilometers considering the dusty roads.

6. Fuel can be saved if the air conditions are turned off and only used when required.

7. The lower the tyre pressure, the more fuel a vehicle needs to move it down the road. Check the tyre pressure on regular intervals.

8. Avoiding to drive during rush hours would save you a lot of fuel cost. Every time that you stop and start in traffic, your car needs first gear and a huge amount of fuel to get moving again.