Modern and fashionable, scooters are quickly gaining good reputation in the Nepalese market. But can it be considered as a family vehicle?

Modern and fashionable, scooters are quickly gaining good reputation in the Nepalese market. But can it be considered as a family vehicle?

These days it is a common to see scooters on the roads. Young and old, men and women, everybody can be seen happily riding them. This was not what it used to be a few years ago. Scooters were considered only something for women, and men felt awkward riding them. Maybe it was because of size or style, scooters were in general not so appealing to men.

Recently this scenario has changed. Men have started using scooters and some even prefer scooters to bikes. Due to their convenience, safety, efficiency and economic performance, the demand for scooters have gone high. A scooter has compartments that can store items such as raincoats, bags, etc under the seat. They are fuel efficient, and safe because of automatic transmission, which means riders don’t have to change the gear manually, function that is generally useful during traffic jams. The engine size of most of the scooters available in Nepal range from 100-150ccs so they cannot be taken to a high speed, and with the latest technological advancements, their breaking systems are also as efficient as they can get.

Scooters are now considered a unisex vehicle, something that every member of the family can make the most out of. They are very handy mostly during grocery shopping as the items can be safely placed in the dickey as well as the compartment next to where you rest your feet. After using scooter, no member of the family will have to depend upon others to go for grocery shopping or getting to the desired destination.

The heavy traffic in the city has compelled many to opt for 2 wheelers. Car owners often have trouble getting to places on time due to the congestion on the road. And due to the comfort, and convenience of scooters, many four wheel owners are increasingly taking up a scooter as a backup vehicle. In addition, the fashionable design such as cool graphics, and colors have made people from all the age groups attracted to them.

Let us see what the marketing managers, sales heads, and media coordinators of top scooter brands in Nepal have to say:


Sital Dahal

Market Coordinator, NGM (Hero)

“Up untill a few years ago scooters were thought to be ridden only by females. This mentality has changed. A scooter is now considered the family vehicle. In the context of Nepal, women well as the elder members do not use motorbikes, and they prefer scooters. Otherwise , those who do not ride motorbikes always had to depend on the ones who do. This is why scooters have gained popularity in our community, and it is turning into a family vehicle. ”

Sushan Baidhya

D- Lifestyles Pvt. Ltd., Country Sales Manager (Vespa)

“If you compare the market share of motorbikes and scooters, it is almost half and half. Older model scooters came with gears so people preferred bike for the power with the same function. But now scooters have automatic gear transmission system with similar power so there is no longer the hassle of shifting gear in traffic jams. Considering the family perspective, it is easier for family members to go shopping as you can utilize the dickey and the foot rest to carry the bags. Even while travelling with children, small kids can be kept between our hands in front of us safely. Scooters are more economic, safe and convenient. And the main reason for the rise in its demand is due to the fact that both male and female can take full advantage of it.”

Prasanna Dhakhwa

Marketing Coordinator, Syakar Trading Company Pvt. Ltd. (Honda)

“Many people in Kathmandu who own cars or bikes also own a scooter, especially in the urban areas where the traffic congestions are frequent. It is easier to carry the bags in a scooter rather than in a motorbike and it is easier to navigate in traffic because of its size, unlike cars. For people who own a shop, transporting goods is easier if they also own a scooter. A family consisting of father, mother, son and daughter, deciding whether to buy a scooter or motorbike, it would be a better option for them to choose a scooter as a motorbike can only be used by the son or the father. Scooter can be used by all the members. Family members no longer have to rely on the ones with motorbikes.”

Binod Maharjan

Marketing Manager, M.A.W. Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. (Yamaha)

“Scooters are not only for the females who work; students and house wives can also benefit from scooters for shopping or any other work. Items such as helmets, jackets, bags can be stored in the front pockets, and the dickey whereas in motorbikes there is always a concern for lack of the storage. The scooter has certainly helped in women empowerment. They are now more independent. People increasingly prefer scooters as they are considered utility vehicles. Many people who own a car also have a scooter as a standby vehicle in case they have to travel short distances. Plus the new scooters in the market offer a lot of new features which has made families prefer scooters.”

Pratyush Shresth

Sales Head, Agni Motoinc Pvt. Ltd. (Mahindra)

“Compared to the past data, the demand for scooters is gradually rising every year. Scooters were considered as a female vehicle and there were only few male riders. Due to the economic benefits such as higher mileage, lower price (compared to motorbikes), safety, convenience, the number of male riders has increased. Due to the storage feature in scooters, storing raincoats, jackets have been easier. During rainy seasons scooters do not splash as much mud and water on the road as compared to motorbikes. Families benefit as scooter can be used to travel short distances during heavy traffic. Any member of the family, husband or wife, brother or sister, father or mother, can ride a scooter for household shopping as there are numerous storage compartments.”

Aayush Dhamala

Market Executive, V.G. Automobiles Pvt. Ltd. (Suzuki)

“The Major features that have raised the Market of scooters are their safety, easy use, comfortable for daily purpose. It’s a Unisex Product so it can be used by both male and female. It's stylish and nowadays scooters are more spacious, comes with more handy features & power. It is helping our community and our local business to commercialize in a positive way. People are satisfied with scooters. As we all know it’s so easy and comfortable to use, scooter is becoming a family vehicle because of its comfort, spaciousness and it’s compatibility for a family in daily purpose so that they can follow their daily life routine in a convenient way. So, a scooter can be the right choice to promote the daily life to make it more happy and convenient.”