SLR Techno and Trade Pvt. Ltd is introducing itself as the sole distributors of MG Motors and Motrac Motorcycles in Nepal. With an eye catching design, the MX-EFI motorcycle will surely be a head turner once it starts hitting the streets of Kathmandu.

There's a popular saying that good things come in small packages. We usually have a particular notion about sport bikes -- it's a motorcycle optimized for acceleration, speed, braking and cornering on paved roads, developed at the expense of fuel economy and comfort. In order to accommodate all these features, bikes have been increasing in terms of their size over the years. Consumers, on the other hand, have also been garnering interest in these large bikes despite the unsuitable condition of roadways and the economy. However, the trend of riding smaller motorcycles has been picking up pace over the past few years.


In terms of its design, the bike looks sporty (more like a hybrid of FZ and Street Fighter) despite being small in size. Other key outer features of this diminutive bike, includes the combined projector style headlight, fog lights on the bottom half, LED taillight, sharp and aggressive fuel tank covers and a pair of buffed up tires. Apart from these features, the bike also looks pretty stylish from the rear end with its dual triangular alloy mufflers. The bike also possesses a digital speedometer with a CDI engine igniter.

A highlight of this bike is that the pedals and levers are made from aluminum, and are coated in orange highlights. Compact in its size, the bike is packed with stylish features that will awe you with their design.


The MX-EFI model is powered up by 124.6 cc, 4-stroke, single cylinder, air cooling, and electronic fuel injection (EFI) engine that produces a maximum power of 9.1 BHP at 7000 RPM and 9.5 NM at 5000 RPM. It has a fuel tank of 6 liters, generating power from its single cylinder engine to the rear wheels through a four-speed transmission. It gives a loud rumbling sound when ignited, and has maximum speed of 105 km per hour.  A 4-shift gearshift model supplies generous power, which result in smooth acceleration and smooth pick up. It also has a manual wet multi-plate clutch system that further helps you accelerate the bike smoothly. An additional reason to smile is that the bike returns an impressive fuel economy of 77 km/liter.


The MX-EFI's compact size allows it to pass through the narrow lanes of the city quite comfortably. The handling is quite comfortable and gives absolute confidence to the rider. After a test ride, we concluded that the bike is quite light in terms of its weight. Despite its small wheel size, the bike functions quite well on rough terrains due to the suspension setup comprised of double inverted oil spring damper on the front, and an independent mono shock at the rear. However, the small wheels can sometimes be a problem in when taking U-turns, and sliding past steep corners.


Since Kathmandu is packed with vehicles these days, purchasing this bike would most probably be a good investment due to its compact size and standard features. However, the bike is probably would not be an ideal choice for long trips. The performance and features of the bike are surprisingly comfortable despite its small size. Overall, the MX-EFI is a fun-oriented bike; perfect for short commutes around the city. We expect to see to more of these bikes cruising around the city in the neat future because of its fuel efficiency and ease of driving in overcrowded Kathmandu streets.