The eminence of the brand, dependability, sustainability, appearance, and the overall appeal of the scooter all contribute to make it a top-notch product fit for the Nepali road.

It has been quite some time since e-scooters made a splash in the Nepali two-wheeler market. After the blockade in 2015, people started looking for alternatives to fossil fuel powered vehicles, and what could be a better option than these silent scooters powered by electric drives.

Terra Motors, a trusted Japanese company making electric vehicles has come up with a new scooter for the Nepali market: ‘Terra Eco.’ Priced at Rs.1.38 lakhs, this scooter provides solution to problems such as: rising costs of fossil fuels; and the adverse effects of emissions on the environment. Here is a brief insight on what Terra Eco has to offer.


With looks so sleek and stylish, your stereotypical view of electric scooters will spin 360 degree when you see a Terra Eco. Aerodynamic design incorporated with sharp edges and tough body brings about a sporty yet elegant appeal to the two wheeler. LED strips are placed on the handlebar, and head lamps are mounted on the front apron, both on each side. Side indicators are attractively cornered on both sides of the scooter. The logo of ‘Terra Motors’ sits on the center, reinforcing the aesthetics. Angular mirror, headlights and side indicators further enhance the look of the scooter. The easy-to-read, circular digital instrument panel displays the vehicle’s speed and battery reserve. The seat, designed for two, is wide, and provides soft, spongy, and comfortable cushioning. The rear foot-pegs can be reached with ease when needed.  Storage area underneath the seat is big enough to accommodate a helmet and a charger. This scooter is available in five different colors: namely red, silver, blue, green, and yellow.


Some practical features hardly seen before in any scoter are packed in Terra Eco. It has a three-speed  function, generating highest power in the third gear. With a climbing capacity of more than 17 degrees, you need not restrict your eco-friendly ride only to the plain terrains. It is always ready to run errands around your neighborhood as well as go for an adventure-filled ride on the outskirts. It even managed to hike through the steep roads of Tokha, Manmaiju and White Gumba in Kathmandu during test rides. The scooter also has a reverse gear, facilitating riders to effortlessly pull it backwards.


Charging the scooter is as easy as charging your phone. All you need to do is plug the power cord into the scooter and the other end onto a charging socket. The two-pin charger is compatible with city’s 220 Volt electricity line. The handy and portable charger makes charging even more hassle-free. It takes about eight to nine hours to fully recharge the scooter. Once fully charged, it can run for almost 90 kilometers.


The Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) motor draws its power from Lead-Acid batteries that are connected together to provide a combined output of 72V-32 AH. The scooter can achieve up to 60 kmph on a straight road, which is quite impressive for an electric scooter. Alloy rims are used on either wheels and the tubeless tires are sized 3.50-10. The motor is capable of generating 2000 Watt of power. Disk brake is equipped in the front wheel whereas drum brake in the rear, providing better stopping performance. It comes with dual suspension: oil shock absorber in the anterior, and gas-charged shock absorber in the posterior.

After-sales service

Electric scooters need lesser maintenance than gasoline ones. A significant benefit of purchasing this scooter is the provision for lifetime free service. The company claims to charge zero paisa for servicing, and owners will have to pay only for the spare parts. A six-month warranty is given on motor, charger, controller and battery. Excellent after sales service from trained technicians is ensured by the company. Also, because of widespread dealer network, Terra Motor’s distributors can be found in all the major cities of Nepal. Buyers can easily obtain spare parts too. However, one thing to make sure after purchasing the scooter is to get it registered, as the Department of Transport Management has recently made it mandatory for owners to register their electric scooter before plying them on the streets of Nepal.

To sum up, green technology, innovative features, futuristic looks, and low running costs are the highlights of this scooter. It provides the utility of a conventional scooter with an electric heart, making it a wise choice for everyday use.  Excellent pick-up and acceleration, superior mileage and cost effectiveness are what set it apart from other scooters. Moreover, it allows you to subtract your carbon footprint dramatically, and make an eco-friendly statement with no fossil fuel, no noise and no emissions.