You never know when or where your car may breakdown and what you may need at that time. So it is better to be prepared than be sorry. Here are seven things that should compulsorily be in your car trunk.

  • Spare tire: This is the most essential thing you need to have in your car trunk. You never know when and where you might get a flat tire. So carrying an extra tire is a must.
  • First aid kit: First aids kits are a must have as well. Include in it bandages, medicine, and general antiseptics. 
  • Towels: Cleaning your car before using it is recommended. Always keep a towel in your trunk so that you can clean your car before you ride it.
  • Jumper cables: When your battery dies out jumper cables help it to recharge by connecting it to another power source. Invest in a good one because they are worth it, and keep them in your trunk as a safety measure.
  • Car cover: We all know how the roads of Nepal are dusty and you might even get mysterious scratch on your car if you leave it outside uncovered. So car covers protect your car from dust and scratches.
  • Tools: To change a flat tire or do any repair work we need tools. Keep tool box with wrenches, screw drivers, flashlight, and ratchets in your trunk. You never know when you might need them.
  • Air pump: Properly inflated tires will give you higher mileage and decrease the possibility of getting a flat tire on the road. So carry an air pump in your trunk.