Wash, polish and wax your vehicle effectively.

Bishwakarma Puja is approaching, and on this day puja is performed on household and industrial machineries. As per tradition the object is usually cleaned ahead of the puja. Thus on this Bishwakarma Puja day you have an excuse to clean your vehicle inside and out. However, in the present conditions of Kathmandu, it can be very difficult to keep your vehicle clean. No matter how much you clean it, the dusty roads always bring it back to its original sorry state.  But we cannot give up, and have to make every possible effort to keep it clean.  Below are some tips to clean your car, for the upcoming Bishwakarma Puja:

  • First, rinse and wash the exterior your vehicle. This will get rid of dirt and mud. Also wash the windows and wheels, as dust and mud can accumulate there too.
  • Don’t wash the car when it is hot. This will increase chances of spot and deposit formations.
  • Use a car-washing soap, and not detergents or dish cleaners as they can damage the paint and strip away wax. Use clean mitts for best results. There should be different pieces of cloth to clean the interiors, windows and wheels.
  • Do not let the car air dry, as this will leave watermarks due to minerals. Use soft terry towels (not abrasive ones that leave hairline scratches on the surface) to dry the vehicle.
  • After rinsing your car, feel the surface. If it is not smooth, use a “clay bar” to remove the stubborn contaminants.
  • To remove or mask paint defects, use polishes of good quality. This will add colour and gloss, especially on dark coloured vehicles. Apply wax to the exterior to prevent the paint from fading, and protect from minor scratches. 
  • Always place a mat above the carpet of your car. Mats are removable and are much easier to clean. Whenever you enter, wear clean shoes so the mats remain clean too. However, keep cleaning the mats frequently as dust and soil will always find a way in.  
  • Keep your windows rolled up while driving in cities like Kathmandu, so that dust does not get in.
  • Avoid eating inside the car as far as possible. If space allows, but place a small dustbin inside the vehicle to throw small wastes.