When a car is designed, the manufacturer sets out a maintenance schedule, to keep the vehicle run reliably and safely. It is known as service schedule or periodic maintenance schedule. Vehicle service is list of maintenance processes that needs to be carr

Let us see what tasks are being carried out during your vehicle service.

  1. Test ride

It is a must and foremost thing to carry out during service/repairs. It helps technicians/advisors to see the performance and problems in the vehicle. If you can feel/see the problem, it will be easy to pin-point the cause and resolve the problem; otherwise it will be like aiming your target in the dark. During test drive, 80 - 90 % of problems are revealed to the technicians that the drivers are unaware ,  and can avoid huge costs in the future and the safety of the occupants.

  1. Consumables Replacement

Consumables are the items that need to be replaced during each service such as engine oil, engine oil filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, etc.  Vehicle manufacturers specify lists of items that need to be replaced or adjusted during each service. This will help vehicle owners in keeping their vehicle in good condition. Their replacement duration depends on the kilometer run or the time interval.

  1. Equipment& Instrument check

Our vehicles are packed with equipment and instrument, that provides safety and comfort while drive. During service, technician checks all the working condition of these equipment and instruments. These include heating, ventilation air conditioning (HVAC), dashboard instrument pack, head lamps, auxiliary lights, indicator lights, horn, etc.

  1. Diagnosis scan

All modern vehicles nowadays are equipped with advance sensors, equipment, communication interfaces and control modules. All these things can be checked by using vehicle scanners. It can pin-point the fault and its location in few minutes. It is the most effective way to find fault in electrical equipment present in your vehicle to resolve it.

  1. Wear and Tear items check

Wear and tear items such as brake pads/liners, brake discs/drum, tire treads, wiper blades, etc, in the vehicle tends to get damaged with time and frequent usage. During service, the technician checks the condition of these items.

  1. Body & suspension check

There may be a body/engine mounting that may be causing discomfort to the driver while driving, or a squeaking noise from the suspension system. All the issues from loose nuts/bolts to need of lubrication or any worn items that needs replacement are checked by the technicians during the service.

  1. Cleaning

After completion of the repair, next is washing of the vehicle. Service center washes the vehicle so that the outside body is mud and dust free.  They also vacuum and clean the interior of the vehicle. These days service centers have started to wash the vehicle prior to service because it is easier to work on a clean vehicle, and technician can have proper visual of the area with problem.