Yamaha has always had glory days from their FZ series and now a new model is introduced to that series.

The new ‘FZ-25’ was released in Nepal on Shrawan 22.  And it has already made many heads turn. FZ-25 has got it all from style to comfort to affordability. With a powerful 250cc engine, FZ-25 is one of the bikes with best performance in the Nepalese biking scenario.

Some of the key features of FZ-25 are:

  1. Blue core engine: Blue core is the concept Yamaha introduced in its engine development which helps to attain optimum combustion by precise control over fuel supply and ignition according to the surrounding conditions resulting in increased fuel economy and better performance.
  2. Increase in Torque: The maximum torque of the new FZ-25 is 20N-m which results in easy movement of the vehicle and makes moving in traffic jams hassle free and quick. Also the increase in torque is the reason the bike has no pick up stoppage.
  3. Highly comfortable: One of the best features about this bike is its comfort. With 7 step adjustable suspension and eminently cozy cushion seating, riding is very comfortable especially on the rough roads of Nepal. The passenger seat is much better in comparison to other similar ranged motorbikes. Due these reasons FZ-25 is the new name of comfort.
  4. Midship Muffler: With an exclusive midship muffler that has successive chambers, FZ-25 offers a unique sense of riding with great sound and crisp pulse. This technology improves mass centralization and low rpm torque by looping the exhaust pipe and locating it in the middle of the bike.

Being a 250cc bike FZ-25 has a splendid mileage of 35-40 kilometers per liter in average which makes the riding economical as well. There are three different colors; Knight Black, Ballistic Blue and Warrior White that are available in the market. The price of FZ-25 in Nepal is Rs. 3,44,900 which is economical compare to the other bikes available in Nepal in 250cc. The other reason to buy this bike is the buyer can take part in this year’s Yamaha Dashain Lucky where every week a lucky owner of FZ-25 will win Rs.1,00,000, and the bumper prize is Skoda Rapid for one lucky winner.  FZ-25 is a bike with wonderful performance complemented by utmost comfort with a great value for money.