Pets are family that we get to choose. Having a little fur baby at your home and giving the love and receiving it is one of the most rewarding things as a pet owner. Taking care of them, feeding them, always working on the clock for their potty routines, our whole world starts revolving around them. Just like little babies, they need to be taken care of all the time and honestly, the only reason I work hard is so that my pet can have a better life. They require all hugs, belly rubs and all the love that we have so it is important that we take care of them properly, they might not be able to speak to us when they are hurting or so as their humans, it is our duty to make sure they are well taken care of and live the best life that they deserve. In conversation with veterinarian assistant Ramesh Pokhrael something, we got an insight about the dos and don’ts in terms of food, their lifestyle and exercise for their pets so that they can live a healthy and long life with you. 

What is the most important food to feed a newborn puppy?
Well, the first four weeks of their life, the best thing to give them is their mother’s milk but in cases where they have been separated, try to provide them with milks that have been specially formulated for a puppy in order to reduce chances of diarrhea and other complications. Try not to feed them a cow’s milk, goat milk is preferred and but it is important that we monitor them at most times and feed them every 2-3 hours or so and as they grow up, slowly move to more solid food like oats that well mix with warm water or milk. You can also feed them small pieces of cooked chickens’ meat and other meats in a generous amount to give them the calcium that they need to grow healthier. 

Foods that are harmful for a dog?
Garlic, Grapes and Raisings, Chocolates, Candy, Avocado, Apple Seeds, Alcohol, Onions, Raw meat and fish, Sugar, Macadamia Nuts, Peppers, Salt and Oils 

Foods that are beneficial for a dog?
Yogurt/Raw goat milk, Baby Carrots, Bone Broth, Organ Meats(Liver, Kidney, Heart, Brain), Pumpkin, Omega-3 Oils, Eggs, Apple Slices, Mushrooms, Oatmeal.

How much exercise does a dog requires in a day?
Exercise for a dog can depend on the kind of breed that they belong to. But in a general sense, every dog requires from 30 minutes to 2 hours exercise every single day. It helps them to increase their metabolism, to engage their mind, and to bond with you. Grab their favorite toys and start any kind of fun activity such as hiking, playing fetch, and jogging with them. Exercising also helps the dog to prevent any sort of disease that may come up with their age and making them live healthier and longer. 

What are the basic signs that tell that our dog might be sick?
Since they cannot tell us why or where they are hurting, it is important to be aware of certain signs that they show when they are ill, like: 
•Excessive drinking/ urinating
• Faster heartbeat rate, drooling, coughing or sneezing
• Dry red or cloudy eyes
• Loss of appetite associated with diarrhea or constipation
• More sleeping than usual and changes in regular activities

How often should our dogs be bathed?
Dogs are recommended to bath once a month with their regular pet shampoo and conditioners. Any required baths more than once should only be done with water. Bathing them too much can lead to dry and itchy skin and many skin conditions on your dog. 

What to do if our dog eats something poisonous?
The first step is to stay calm. In such cases, first of all contact your nearest veterinarian and explain your dog’s symptoms to him/her and do as they advise. But in cases such as lack of contact with your vets, feeding them raw egg has proven to take out any toxic that your dog might have eaten. After that, make sure to take them to the nearest hospital possible.

How to control flea in our pets?
It is important that we do routine check on our dog’s coat to check for any fleas that might be present. Also, a reminder for people to check on their dogs’ paws and their ears sometimes where fleas do tend to be present in a large amount. We can’t control our dogs getting fleas from the outside as they do need their routine walks and playtime, so, the most important thing to do is to wash them properly with their prescribed dog shampoo and conditioner. Use the available flea comb available especially for dogs with thick furs. You can also apple lavender essential oil or apple cider vinegar and then wash your dog to get rid of the fleas.