Since time and millennia, women seem to always have to deal with objectification. From men debating their role in an ideal society, to today where objectified by their apparel.  With the growing technology, rising social media influencers, and the growth of feminism and equality, it is commonly believed that women should be allowed to do whatever she wants, act however she wants and wear whatever she wants. It is her body and only hers to decide what she wants to do with it. However, this belief is merely simple talk in some parts of the world. The world may be developing each day with new innovations,yet some minds are still living back in the days believing that women should be oppressed, and that they should be feminine.It is with no doubt that we have come a long way fighting for women's right, however it is also a bit of a shame that even in the 21st century some women do not feel safe with their own selves due to society's standards and their views and values.

Taking our own community for example. We see so much being posted on social media regarding women's rights and how our bodies are temples which we should not let anyone make a home out of. Yet, without consent our bodies can be mistreated and misused anytime of the day. In our society if a woman is physically harassed, the first question which will pop in most people’s mind is “what was she wearing though?”, assuming that dressing sense is the main cause for cases of harassment. In fact if the victim is seen to be wearing something slightly revealing, she will immediately be accused of being harassed simply by just wearing what she pleases. . A woman's dress does not completely define her identity. A woman in a burka showing barely an inch of skin can get harassed as equally as a woman who wears shorts and a shirt. It has become unsafe for women to go out in shorts without fearing that some random men will follow them with their bad intended eyes. It has simply become unsafe for women to wear what she wants without being accused of calling attention to herself. 

If she wears baggy jeans, she will be accused of being a ‘hipster’. If she refuses to look feminine, she will be accused of being ‘unlady-like’. If she wears tight clothes, she will be accused of being an ‘attention seeker’. Why is it so sinful for us to dress however we prefer? It is my belief that a woman should be able to decide what she wants to wear. Whether she wants to be conservative, modern, or neutral, it is up to her as it is her body and her choices. Wearing something different than others should never put women in risks or point fingers at them. In fact, it should never be this way to anybody. 

The values of religion, culture, and ethnic background does play certain roles in how a woman dresses herself. There are certain times when women should be appropriately dressed according to the circumstances whilst giving respect to the environment she’s in. However, nobody should ever have the right to tell a woman to dress a certain way. Living in the 21st century, it is quite a shame that minds of some people are still unliberated. 
Hence if a question as “should women be able to dress how they please” ever arises, the clear answer to it would be a definite yes because there's no valid reason as to why they shouldn’t be able to.