Prepare and enjoy two popular food items with cooking instructions from Chef Deepak Thapa: Gaulati Kebab and Yumari

Pursuing his love and passion for food, Chef Deepak Thapa has been in the hospitality business for more than a decade, mostly working at the prestigious hotel chain Marriott. Having worked previously at Hyderabad Marriott Hotel for almost seven years, he developed a passion for cooking Indian cuisine. Truly a MasterChef, Chef Deepak is now the second head chef at Fairfield by Marriott, Kathmandu and describes his experience working there as one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. Happy and overwhelmed as he is by getting an opportunity to work in his home country, he credits his success to the latitude Marriott has provided him and describes the working environment as “a place where talented people are given the right opportunity to learn, grow and become the best version of themselves.” Deepak feels proud of the fact that his guests are now getting more acquainted with the South Indian cuisine and keep coming back for more. He quotes, “I cook with my heart, and at the end of the day being appreciated by my guests is what motivates me every day.” 


Galauti Kebab
Rooted in the flavours of Lucknow that infuses Indian spices as the key ingredients, this kebab is made in different ways. Although beef is the preferred ingredient in the dish, here in Nepal, mutton is incorporated with various flavours from India. The roasted brown piece of kebab is crunchy on the outside and delicate to touch in the inside. When I tasted myself all the flavors were mastered beautifully with the right amount of balance. And the mint chutney added the right amount of zing to the smokiness of the kebab. 

Minced mutton 
Ginger garlic paste 
Yellow chilli powder, red chilli powder, kebab chilli 
Clover, green cardamom, mace, cinnamon, bay leaves
Roasted chana, brown onion paste, cashew powder and ghee

Take the minced mutton and mix it properly with ginger garlic paste to infuse the flavours evenly. And add salt according to your need and preference. 
To achieve the smoky flavour in the kebab, take a small bowl and put charcoal in it. Place some cloves in the same vessel. Pour hot ghee and close the lid, which helps the minced meat absorb the smoke giving it a smoky flavour. (Leave it for 15-20 minutes.) 
Then the next step is to mix all the remaining ingredients.
Place a tawa over a stove and let it heat for a while.  
Pour ghee on the tawa and let the ghee get heated for a few seconds. 
Take the prepared mixture and roll them into small patties and place them on the tawa. 
Reduce the heat to medium low and cook it slowly on each side for a minimum of 7-8 minutes 
At the end, serve with some mint chutney and enjoy!!

A traditional dessert from the Newari culture, it is adored by many in Nepal. It is also my personal favorite. The chef has taken a new approach to this traditional dish and served it with chocolate and strawberry sauce, giving it a new dimension. And tasting something made by the hands of the MasterChef himself, made the dish even more special for me. 

Rice flour 
Chakuu/ gutpal 

Mix the rice flour with hot water and let it rest for 10-15 minutes. 
If you are adding chakku then make sure to melt it with milk beforehand. 
Stir the mixture together and make sure the mixture is not too thick and it still has a runny consistency. 
Add some finely chopped dates or coconut into the chakku/gutpal. 
Take the mixture and create a nice round shape and stuff it with the melted chaaku/gutpal and stuff it with khuwa.  
Steam it for about 10-12 minutes. 
Serve with chocolate or strawberry sauce.