Looking for a cozy place to stay in Thamel? Hotel Fairfieldby Marriott Kathmandu is one of the many establishments of the Marriott International chain throughout the world. Travelers looking to spend quality time here in Kathmandu won't be disappointed by

Being greeted by a genuine 'Namastay' is the one of the most heartwarming feelings any traveler would want to experience while here in Kathmandu. As you enter into the buildings, you are embraced by the Marriot feeling with respect to its ambience and interiors. The Marriot international chain has a certain standard that is applied in most of its outlets; hence if you have been to any other Marriot international chain hotels abroad you won't be disappointed with the one in Kathmandu as well. A blend of contemporary infrastructure with ligneous interiors, Fairfield offers a relaxing environment to their visitors. A spacious lobby finely furnished with comfortable seating, air conditioned rooms adjusted to perfect temperature, and dedicated staff looking to makeyour visit a worthy experience, are some of the many factors that contribute to the wow factor of this hotel.

The Kava Restaurant

The hotel has its own restaurant functioning 24 hours; however the bar stays open till 11 p.m. Kava is a brand of its own running under the Fairfield hotel. The restaurant has its own set of services such as buffets for guest with a different set of menus for every day. The ambiance in the restaurant itself is quite soothing with every aspect of the decorations and interiors arranged to perfection. You can also host small parties or events within the restaurant premises. The outdoor area has its own beauty with finely trimmed grass decorating the walls.You can dine outdoors as well. The buffet is divided into three tasty courses consisting of appetizers, main course, and dessert. You can expect to find a variety of dishes at the buffet. One thing is for sure: your taste buds won't go home disappointed after dining at Kava.

Mr. PranjalGogoi, the head chef of the restaurant, shared a few words with us regarding his passion for cooking; and he also treated us with his two special dishes namely 'Australian Lamb Chops' and ' Wild Mushroom Risotto.' With experience spanning over a decade, Mr. Gogoi has had a decorated career as a chef. He has worked in various hotel across different continents, few of them being:The Jaypee Palace hotel Agra, LalitUdaipur Hotel, Fairfield by Marriot Indore, and he also cooked in a cruise during his time in the U.S. His curiosity to know about the kitchen work led him to his passion for cooking.

"It is a challenge to become a chef. It's not just about cooking food - you have to be able to create that wow factor for your guests. Hence, it is important to have drive and passion to prepare cuisines for your guest."

Australian Lamb Chops

The lamb chops were served with a crispy layer followed by a moist and juicy flesh, in a platter decorated with symmetrically turned potatoes, mint sauce, and the beetroot mousse. As you slice through the flesh, the portion where the flesh meets the bone is the most delicious part of the dish. A medium rare grilled lamb chop is the recommended version, if you are to try this dish on your visit to the restaurant.

Wild Mushroom Risotto

This dish consists of thick Italian risotto rice mixed with porcini mushrooms and onions. It is prepared in a slow process where the rice is heated in water for about 15-20 minutes in order to extract the starch to remove the thickness of the rice. A dab of butter along with a small amount of truffle oil is added to the dish to enhance the taste. The dish is then topped off with mascarpone cheese, parmesan cheese, and fresh basil pesto.

Interesting Facts about Fairfield by Marriot Kathmandu

  • The hotel accommodates about 115 rooms in total; 71 rooms with king size bed, 43 rooms with twin beds, and 1 room specially designed for the disabled.
  • This is the first establishment of the Marriottinternational chain in Nepal.
  • The restaurant 'Kava' has a 24-hour service, providing breakfast and lunch buffet facilities at the moment’s notice (dinner as per request).
  • 60% of the staff at the hotel iswomen. The management has a target to increase that to80% in the coming years.