Let’s confess, barbecue parties tend to bring out have the most memorable stories you will ever share with anyone.  Remember those summer nights when you tagged along your friends and family, slightly tipsy, and laughed until your stomach ached.  Barbecue has to be the best thing in the world, and those who miss a true American barbecue can always go to the Terrace Garden, Radisson Hotel, in Lazimpat.  The ambience at the Terrace Garden is also perfect for a barbecue party.  You will realize that the secret to Executive Chef, Ms. Nandita Karan’s amazing barbecue is the food that has been marinated for four to five hours prior to cooking.  Both vegetarian (barbecue cheese, mushroom, onion, bell pepper, carrot etc) and non-vegetarian options (pork, chicken, buff, fish etc) are available to cater to every taste.  Ms.Karan’s cooking skills and most genuine hospitability are what brings patron back again and again.