Kathmandu Marriott endeavoured the “Arabian Souk: Savor the taste of Middle East.” From 8th of November - 16th of November 2019 at the premises of Marriott Kathmandu.

Rarely do people to experience the culinary delights of the Middle Eastern World in Nepal. Famous for there exquisite cuisine, use of dried fruits and exotic spices. Kathmandu Marriott endeavoured the “Arabian Souk: Savor the taste of Middle East.” From 8th of November - 16th of November 2019 at the premises of Marriott Kathmandu. Visiting Guest Chef Mina Ayoub in collaboration with the Executive Chef Sanjeev Ranjan brought forth a beautiful spread highlighting the magnificent cuisine of the Middle East.


In conversation with Executive Chef Sanjeev Ranjan and Chef Mina Ayoub, when asked the inspiration to the event. Executive Chef stated, “ Nepal has a modern connection with the Middle East, and with many of your youths coming come. They seem to miss the culinary flavours of the middle east, and thus this event is targeted towards these youths and the local guests we want them to experience the authentic taste the Authentic Arabian Bites. Thus we invited Chef Mina Ayoub from Marriott Autograph Collection to showcase the best of the Arabic Cuisine and to teach the Marriott Kathmandu Chef’s of Nepal how exactly the Arabian, Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine is. The main motto of this event is to create a festival along with a great learning experience to the team and the local guests of Nepal.”


When it comes to Arabic cuisine, the dish highlights the culinary delicacies of the Arab World from the Maghreb ( Northern Africa)  to the Fertile Crescent( The Middle Eastern Nations of Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt,Jordan, Iran and Turkey) and the Arabian Peninsula. Guest Chef Mina Ayoub helped shed light to the highlights of the Arabic Cuisine, “ When we say Arabic the signature dish has to be Oozie, which is basically a whole lamb and rice pulau. In the Arabic culture, the culture of dining is quite similar to Nepal where we eat with our hands and the meals served in a large platter which is shared by the family. Thus the meat has to be very soft, which we can just pull and it falls off the bone. For this festival every day we shall have the Oozie as the signature dish.”


The authenticity of the authentic, when it comes to food can only be utilizing the same spices and ingredients. For which Chef Mina sourced some of the spices from Nepal and brought with him the treasured spices of the Arabian Cuisine such as Lumi( Dried Lemon), Za’atar, Sumac, Pomegranate Molasses .” The one thing most striking about Arabian cuisine is how the focus is more on the aroma, sourness. Experiencing the cuisine during the press meet, being someone who loves the heat of the spices and chillies but can’t tolerate them. The dishes felt like heaven, with staple ingredients such as rice, yoghurt, bread and meat cooked quite similar to my native cuisine but without the bombardment of spices and chillies.


The experience without a doubt was one of great aroma’s, flavours and memories amidst the beautiful venue of Thamel Kitchen at Kathmandu Marriott. It was truly an experience of a lifetime and highly recommend to experience the event.


Arabian Souk Festival

Thamel Kitchen, Kathmandu Marriott

Naxal, Kathmandu

8th November - 16th November 2019

6:30 PM to 10:30 PM

For Inquiry: +977-9801911151