THE BIRDS AND the bees is a metaphor for explaining to your kids about reproduction and a clever way to dodge the question “Where do babies come from?”,these stories were told back in the day when children were exposed to fewer sources of  information. 

Sure your children learn about the basics of the reproductive systems in school but that doesn’t cover much of anything! . So, it is high time parents in Nepal start having conversations with their children in this direction rather than avoiding the subject like it has always been so. 

Now with the internet and social media children learn these things via various sources anyways. This is more of a reason why parents should have conversations regarding sexual intercourse, contraceptives and the lack thereof. As awkward as it may be, you can always rest easy knowing your children are aware and make conscious decisions regarding their sexual health.

When would be the right time to talk to your children about it?

There is no definite answer to this question but in general about the age 18 is a good number. They are well aware of their body and mature enough to understand the mechanics of it and also understand the gravity of the situation. But as the generations move forward, you will not miss the mark even if you are having this conversation a few years ahead of 18.

An open mind and an open conversation

Parents need to take into consideration the fact that children learn more about it from the internet and way before they have this conversation. Children now are more exposed to sexual intercourse not only via the internet but also via the kind of movies, songs or even the books they read. This does not mean you put an end to all of it. 

As a parent, you need to accept the fact and talk about it as a friend rather than a parent. It is better you have a vague idea of things rather than learning it the hard way. Parents also need to introduce the concept of sexually transmitted diseases and contraceptives.

Where to start?

Talking about this is never easy but its something our community needs to try and open up about like we are openly accepting fashion and western culture.

Honestly, the birds and the bees story is a pretty good starting point. After that, it is up to you how you take the conversation forward. You should keep in mind that you cover all topic regarding the same, from how it happens (using symbolisms) to what consequences one would have to face. Do cover contraceptives and the diseases that can be transferred in case of unsafe activities.

One last advice would be to not shut your children out in case they ask you out of curiosity because it's better they know about it than learning it the hard way.