Composting is a natural breakdown of organic matter to produce a nutrient rich soil.

Nowadays, there are various types of composting methods that are available ranging from in-vessel composting to aerated static pile composting. But, Vermi composting might be the easiest of the lot. Vermi composting uses worms as an agent to decompose the organic waste. These worms break down the material into high quality compost called castings which can then be used as potting soil.  The other by-product called worm tea of leachate, which can be used as a fertilizer spray. While you may think that composting is too much of a hassle, that’s where compost bins come in.  The Vermi Compost bin of Prambha Biotech uses a special type of earthworm called esmia pozitia. They come in readymade kits in a vessel of 16x16x32 inches. All you have to do is fill half the vessel with earthworm and put in the organic wastes of the day. The load capacity of the kit is up to 1kg per day (the average daily household produces around 600gms of wastes a day).  The best thing about composts bins are that they are eco-friendly, manage household wastes and the compost produced can be used in your gardens.