Store bought cleaners are infused with chemicals that can affect the health of our family members. Simply cleaning with water for greasy spots and difficult stains most times seem impossible. We can use right natural ingredients for difficult stains on th


Cleaning can be a lifelong battle. Simply dusting off won’t do no magic, and simply using water won’t even solve half of your problems. To make cleaning process fast and effective, we often use chemical infused cleaners from the markets. These chemical infused cleaners bought from the supermarkets can leave residues that shorten the lifespan of the way the house hold items look.

Here useful and essential tips you can apply by using all-natural household ingredients to clean household items:

White vinegar

Vinegar is natural, and eco-friendly cleaner. It is a powerful solvent solution which contains about 5% acetic acid. Fill a spray bottle with the mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water (distilled is best). Spray it anywhere that needs good cleaning.

  1. You can use it to clean chopping boards.
  2. White vinegar plays the best roles as fabric softeners. They’re so much better than store- bought softeners. Add 1 cup of white vinegar to the rinse routine of your washing machine.
  3. You can also use it to disinfect and deodorize medical equipment at home.


The magical ingredient for turning imperfection into perfection, this miracle element no matter what type you sprinkle into your favorite recipes, the same crystals can be used to clean carpet, copper dishes/equipment, and everything in between. The best part is that this ingredient is nontoxic and the most affordable on the list.

  1. Clean copper, pewter, and solid brass: Cut a lemon in half and dab the cut surface with salt. Gently scrub the metal with half lemon dipped into salt all over before rinsing thoroughly with water.
  2. Remove water rings on wooden tables: use paste of salt and vegetable oil. Let it sit for an hour before wiping away with a piece of clean cloth.
  3. Remove bleach stains by mixing a quart of hot water with four tablespoons of salt, and then apply it to the yellowed area with a sponge until it fades away.

Baking soda

This powdery white substance is the most convenient for those jobs that require extra-gentle scrape.

  1. It is an effective antiviral agent and surfactant that eliminates grime and grease.
  2. Works best to clean countertops, tubs, sinks, bathroom floors etc.
  3. Dash a thin layer of baking soda all over your carpets, and then allow it to sit, overnight to reveal fresh, odor-free rugs.
  4. Unclog drains by pouring some baking soda down the drain, and then slowly pour in some white vinegar until it foams.
  5. Remove crayon marks left by your children.


This citric fruit is a cleaning powerhouse due to its acidic properties. It is a natural bleaching agent and deodorizer. Even their peels are as great source as their juice. Lemons and other citrus fruits are the ultimate degreasers! Furthermore, the combination of lemon and salt is just unstoppable!

  1. Works as a natural fabric whitener: add one cup of undiluted lemon juice to your laundry to whiten and brighten your clothes.
  2. Clean the interiors of your greasy microwave: add a few tablespoons of lemon juice to one cup of water in a microwave-safe bowl, then heat the mixture to boiling in the microwave. Allow the steam to penetrate baked-on grime for 10 minutes before opening the door and giving the interior a good wipe.
  3. Remove unwanted smells from plastic food containers: soak them in lemon juice overnight.
  4. Clean your wooden floors: mix one part undiluted lemon juice and two parts of olive oil into a spray bottle. Spray and wipe off with a soft cloth.


Coke maybe the ultimate soft drink of all time but can also be used for cleaning besides just drinking.

  1. Cleans the toilet: pour around the bowl, leave for a while then flush clean.
  2. Remove marker stains from carpets: scrub with coke, and then wash away with soap water.
  3. Removes rust: scrub with coke soaked cloth.
  4. Clean burnt pans: soak for an hour, rinse away.
  5. Clean your engine: coke distributors have been using this method for decades.