Know when you should change and toss out these various items laying around your house.

While you might definitely know when to toss out some items in your house, others you might not be entirely sure of. You might know when the milk goes funny, or when to throw away your makeup, but these common household items are often overlooked. The following is the time period in which you should probably change these items, if you don’t want to end up sick or getting any type of infections:

In The Bathroom

Loofah: 3 weeks

Loofahs and showers sponges are the perfect places where bacteria will thrive the most in your bathroom. So it is essential that you change them in the allotted time.

Razor: 5 weeks
Razors should be changed in every five weeks and in the case of disposable razor, should not be used for more than three shaves. Using razors after that can cause infections.

Toothbrush: 3 months

It is an unsaid rule that toothbrush should be changed once the bristles start to wear down. Additionally, they should be changed if you have come down with the flu or are sick to reduce the risk of being sick again.

Bar soap: 1 year to 3 years
Soaps is effective up to three years if not opened and if it can be last up to a year.


In The Bedroom

Pillows: 2-3 years
Pillows should be tossed out after 2-3 years. They are the breeding ground for house mites and can cause neck pain due to the loss of shape.

Slippers: 6 months
Slippers should be washed as often as possible otherwise it will surely cause a fungal infection.


In The Wardrobe

Bras: 1-2 years
Once your bra starts to lose its elasticity, shape or becomes too big or small, you could get rid of it without feeling any regrets.

Running shoes: 1 year
Once you hit the 400-500 km run mark with your running shoes, you could discard it seeing as to it loses its cushioning once you reach that level and it will only cause more stress on your joints.


In The Kitchen

Spices: ½-1 years
Spices especially if they are ground ones lose their smell and flavor in six months. Whole spices tend to last a bit longer.

Instant coffee: 1 month

Unopened instant coffee jar can last up to two years, but after it is opened it will last only a month. After that, it will start to lose its flavor.

White rice: 2 years
Rice should be thrown out two years from the date of purchase or two years from the date written in the box.

Olive oil: 2 years

The flavor and color of olive oil will be affected after two years from the manufactured date.


In The Dressing Table

Sunscreen: 1 year
They usually have a shelf life of one year. Keep it out of the sun, and in a cool and dry place to prevent the formula from being unstable.

Perfumes: 2-3 years

Perfumes can last up to three years if they are not opened, and two years after they are opened. As exquisite as the bottles might look in your dresser, store them in a place with no humidity and sunlight to make it last longer.

Lip Balm: 1-3 years

Opened lip balm can last anywhere from one year to three years, depending on the quality. Unopened lip balms will last for three years.

Hairbrush: 1 year

Hairbrushes should be cleaned at least once a week and changed once a year.


Overall Household Items

Air freshener: 2 years
Air fresheners will be useless after this time as it will have no smell.

Liquid or Powdered Detergent: 1 year

After a year detergents won’t be as effective as it would have been if used regularly.

Fire extinguisher: 15 years

Fire extinguishers can work up to fifteen years, but if there is any problems with it such as cracks in the hose, then you should get it serviced as soon as possible

Mosquito repellent: 2 years

Mosquito repellents will less effective after two years.