Stiff towels are history, thanks to a little help from your pantry.

It’s a tough life, being a towel and dealing with hard water, dust and everything else that is dirty is really tough. Not to mention the regular exposure to oil and grime if it is a kitchen towel. Therefore it does not come as a surprise if someone tells you that even towels require special care and treatments sometimes. Have you ever asked the age-old question: “How I get my towels back to feeling and absorbing like a new one?” Or are you among those people who think towels will degrade with time and simply accept it as it is. Well everything depreciates over time, but that does not mean you have to step out of your shower and wrap yourself in a stiff and coarse towel!

Before we get to the solution you should understand why towel quality deteriorates within several rounds of use. The major culprit besides the dirt and grime is the soapy residue. Yes, the very detergent you use to clean it is slowly turning the towel lifeless. Adding too much detergent while washing towels is a common mistake we make.

The simple hack that can make your towel all fluffy, soft and absorbent as before is sneakily hiding in your kitchen pantry. Curious about the little kitchen trick? Well it’s none other than your multi-purpose vinegar. Yes, vinegar!

Just add a cup of distilled vinegar to the laundry rinse after every six weeks of use. The trick here is to simply wash the towels like you regularly do, i.e with detergent/soap, then rewash them using vinegar instead of soap. When you wash your towels in vinegar make sure you are adding few towels at a time, so that they all are thoroughly washed and come out as soft as new. This little trick will restore the softness in the towel and bring their absorbency back to full capacity. 

Other little thing you can do to maintain the fluffiness of your towels is wash them in warm water. Warm water helps dissolve the soapy residue in the towel. And one additional thing you can do wait a minute or two after you start the wash cycle before you add the towels in. All these simple hacks will keep your towels soft and fluffy.