Let’s admit it folks, we’ve all saved up an item or two in our attics, thinking that someday it will come in handy even though it’s not likely to. While that sounds like a reasonable idea, it often leads to an unhealthy hoarding habit that clutters your home and even compromises your mental well-being.

How to Stop Hoarding

Shopping Limit:

The first step is to ask the right questions and catch yourself in the act. When you buy a new item, ask yourself: Do I need this? Do I already have this? Do I have a place for you? If you already have the same item in pristine condition at home, there is no need for a new purchase.

Recognize Your Habits: 

When you find yourself constantly looking over the items that have done nothing remarkable aside from collecting dust over the few years, it’s a bad sign. Every item in your home should have a purpose. Whether it’s a décor item prettying up your room or something that brings back the good old memories, don’t let unused, unnecessary items pile up. Take care of what you surround yourself with.

Getting Rid of Things:

Yes, it’s difficult. Especially if it has been with you for a long time. Even more so if it has sentimental value. But think about it, holding on to your answer sheets from Grade 1 to Grade 12 isn’t quite as practical as just having the report cards. Take your time getting rid of unused things. Think if they really have any requirement in your life. Consider donation as one of the options; remember, just because it doesn’t have any value in your life doesn’t mean it’s worthless. Unfitting clothes, old course book, empty photo frames—all of these are useful to someone else.

Let’s Recycle

Some things are too close to your heart and some you have paid dear money for—these factors might stop you from getting rid of the things in your collection. So why not put them to use through recycling?


Did you know that your old t-shits can be turned into a handbag? Turn it inside out, cut the sleeves and the neck and finally, tie up the bottom. Turn it out again, you have yourself a new handbag in the exact design you wanted.

Pringle Cans:

Flower vase, pencil holders, desk bins and cell-phone holder are among the top candidates of what a Pringle box can be turned into. Cover the cylindrical box with a worn leather belt and you have a unique flower vase.

Plastic Coke Bottles:

Cut out a rectangle in the center of a jumbo Coca-cola bottle, fill it with fertile soil and you have yourself a pot for growing plants.