It would be rare to find anyone who does not want to maximize storage space at home. You can keep your entire home well organized and find additional storage space even you didn’t know existed at home with these organizational and storage tips and ideas u


As your infant children grow older, and start going to school, you start seeing all kinds of stationeries scattered everywhere around the floor, and you even find yourself buying new sets of crayons every other month because they keep losing them all the time. It seems almost impossible to teach your child how to be well-organized, since you feel you lack that capacity yourself. You may have tried using cardboard boxes to avoid losing the stationeries often, but you often find that the boxes get torn easily. In order to get around this problem, you may want to Lucite or other plastic containers for scissors, glue sticks, crayons, and other tidbits for smart storage. This way kids can easily see what each container holds, and they can find the right shade of color they want to use at a glance and put back what they took out when they’re done. While you can use clear boxes for you and children’s ease, you can also use opaque boxes or containers if you want to hide the contents.


It is not unusual for a married Nepali to have huge collection of bangles. After they have worn, the bangles get left on the dressing table or randomly stowed inside the drawer. Have you ever had to endure the frustrating experience of trying to put together the matching set of bangles? You can take of this by simply placing old empty body-spray cans beside the dressing table, and stacking up bangles on them according to color or design.


Hang your favorite (and most frequently worn) necklaces, bracelets and rings within easy reach on a wall or behind the closet doors on a plastic stick-up hook, that are easily available in department stores. If you have necklaces and chains that could get entangled, you can put them in pouch and then hang the pouch on a hook.


Are you fed up of having to clean out your drawers frequently? Have you ever given up on organizing a messy drawer? Did you ever find tidbits lying here and there, and thinking they may come to use someday, put them inside the drawer, never to find then when you actually need them. Then you can tackle this problem in just three simple steps:

1. First empty the contents of your drawer on a newspaper, and throw away anything that’s garbage—dried-up lip balms, expired coupons, etc.

2. Second make separate piles of the items that belong together. For example tweezers and nail cutters may go in pile; bobby pins, and rubber bands in one; and buttons and pins into another.

3. Third put an ice cube tray, a pill box or cardboard partitions, with each section dedicated to different items, in the drawer, and put everything back into the drawers in an organized way.

 Bins and Racks

In the beginning of each spring, it is a challenge to put away the winter clothes, and in the beginning of the fall, it is the same thing putting away summer clothes. You can tackle his problem by carrying out the following steps:

First, wash and dry-clean garments that have been worn to prevent pests from attacking them.

Second, sort and organize the clothes

Third store sweaters in ventilated bins (to avoid moisture), and hang tailored pieces. Add silica-gel packets to the bins.

Fourth, store bins and bags in a cool, dark, dry, and ventilated area. And build racks in areas such as above the doors, behind the bed etc. to save space, and store the bins efficiently.