Anyone can be anyone who is interested in cultivating flowers and wants to invest his or her time in giving it proper nurture and care can be a gardener.

Technologies have helped to shape the world and elevate it to a new dimension of connectivity and comfort. It has helped change human lives, what our ancestors deemed impossible. Your home is a sanctum for you and your loved ones, the boon of technology can help turn your home into a smart living space and make lives easier. With countless products to choose from, it can get confusing to which product is best specially in today's market which is saturated by numerous brands and technologies which are constantly updated . 

Table lamp by REMAX

An advanced no glare, flash system the table lamp is equipped with soft lighting for eye protection and a 3 color temperature for maximum comfort.  With 3- Level touch dimming, touch control switch, adjustable brightness, it is perfect for all- around lightning for all environments. It has an aluminum cooling fun to ensure LED long lift and also has a calendar clock display, alarm functionality and a RGB night light.

Onyx Studio 4 by Harman Kardon  

The perfect companion to your living room table, the Onyx Studio 4 is capable of streaming music via bluetooth from up to 2 devices at a time. With a 3000 mAh battery the Onyx is capable of 8 hours of streaming (Varies by volume level and music content) with a charging time of 5 hours. The Onyx provides the perfect balance of great sound, iconic design and built with premium materials. It has a built- in microphone with voice logic, echo and noise cancellation for clear conferencing over the speaker. 

Tabletop utility blue tooth speaker by Remax

The Remax M26 is a perfect companion for your best side as it is a combination of a alarm clock and a wireless speaker. It features a retro design with a fabric exterior, giving you a minimal and fashionable feel. Equipped with a 4400 mAh battery, it has approximately music playtime of 6-12 hours depending upon the volume range. Capable of 10 m transmission and supports FM radio, TF card and U disk to play music. 

Two-way car umbrella by REMAX

The two-way umbrella is one of my personal favorites. It is perfect for the upcoming monsoon as it can be a lifesaver for when it pours heavy. The umbrella is designed with a minimal footprint. It can fit in any compartment in your car, and its inverted design prevents drips and water accumulation in your car. The central structure is made of aluminum alloy, and the whole umbrella fabric is a mix of polyester and vinyl and has a automatic open 
and close system. 


The LG UHD ThinQ comes equipped with web OS and a 4K T, capable of offline web functionality control. It features active HDR, DTS Virtual X, content upscaling and has a 4K IPS panel for the best viewing angles and true color.  


The temperature of the water you drink is important as too hot or cold, it can cause problems in the digestive system. The Remax Lehor is equipped with a thermometer the readings of which are displayed on a led indicator. The bottle rings that serve as an indicator of the level of safety of the drinking water, Yellow indicates that the water is too hot to drink, blue or red indicates that the water consists impurities and green indicates it's safe to drink. It also has a smart reminder system which reminds you to drink water which you can tailor to your need.