Our humble abodes are something that we would protect with our lives. Barricading our loved ones from harms, our homes have a life within themselves. They’re filled with countless memories and untold stories. If the walls could talk, we would never run out of bedtime tales. Each home is a piece of a person’s heart. Which is exactly why they’re so precious.
And exactly why they need to be secured and safeguarded against threats. From robberies to break-ins, the dangers are endless. 
So it’s a good choice to invest on keeping your home and family safe from threat. That being said, below are a few preventive measures that you can take.
Construct Peepholes
It’s usually the smallest things that make the biggest difference, and peepholes being one of them. Turns out they can be used not only on hotel doors but at homes too, especially at the main entrances.  So if you’re planning on building a new home, make sure to install a sturdy door with well-placed peepholes.
Secure Locks
Don’t just check your locks, double check them. Make sure they’re properly chained. And this applies forboth your doors and windows, every single night before you go to sleep. If you have spare keys for the locks, keep them in a secure place. Reassure that they’re in safe hands that will not even think of misusing them.
Alarm Systems
Basically installing sensors around your doors and windows will trigger an alarm if they are breached. The alarm can sometimes be set to send an emergency notification to the police, even if you are not at home. 
Security Cameras
While you might think that cameras should only be installed when the worst comes, they can be quite handy as preventive measures too. Not everyone is going to knock on your door for entrances.Intruders get through the doors with or without your consent and what better way to capture the law breakers other than through hardcore evidence? Put up security cameras in different angles and areas of your home to guard the entrances. 
Secret Hiding Places
This option is more for securing your possessions rather than your homes. This is also where your creativity shines. Bring out the heroic prodigy in you.Construct floorboards, place a locked safe behind a painting you wouldn’t give a second glace to, and put secret compartments under jewelry boxes and drawers. So even if a break-in does happen, you won’t be going through an irreparable loss.
Have A Trained Pet Dog
Barking dogs isn’t a risk that intruders like to take. Trained ones are quite good at distinguishing who is their friend and who is not. When you have a fiercely protective, brave and loyal companion, there couldn’t be a safer place in the world than your house.