A Camera Abode

When it comes to our cameras we pay special attention to keep them safe while we are outdoors. But even the ones who take great care outdoors often store them at home in an unsafe way. Some just choose to leave them in their camera bag and many just place them like a decoration. But cameras – like all things made of fine electronics – need to be kept clean and dry at all times. 

Our cameras are for many of us prized possessions, and for professional photographers they are the means of making a living. Thus we need to care for them, even in places where we think they are safe. 

Keeping your camera clean
When we take our cameras outdoors, they are exposed to the elements. Dust, dirt, and moisture can wreck havoc on your camera body and lens which if left unclean can cause malfunction and rapid degradation in the long run. Investment in a good cleaning kit goes a long way. Such tools are readily available in the market and they won’t make a dent in your wallet. A good micro-fiber cloth, lens cleaning liquid, cotton swabs, and air blower are all you’ll need to get your gear cleaned at the end of the day. 

Make sure that you do not use the same micro-fiber that you use to clean your camera body on your lens as the dirt and dust stays accumulated in the fibers. Keep your fibers in a pouch and clean them regularly, and always use a cleaning liquid to clean your precious lenses. 

Moisture and damp places are a NO 
Make sure you don’t keep your camera and lenses in damp place, as that accelerates fungus development in your lenses. Thus, analyze your room and find the most dry spot and make a DIY set up to keep your lens dry. A simple clipboard can be your base, on  which you can place a rubber pad and silica gels. Silica gels absorb moisture and help keep away moisture.

Open spaces means dust and moisture 
Many photographers choose to leave their camera out in the open, when they keep it at home. Our rooms are not vaccum chambers. They have dust and it will accumulate in your camera and over time, it will get into the space between your function buttons, viewfinder and even your lens mount. Thus it is recommended to keep them covered by a good cloth which doesn’t degrade easily. This adds a layer between your precious camera and the dust, and helps keep your camera clean. 

If you really want to keep your camera safe and don’t want to make a DIY stuff, then invest in a dry camera cabinet. Such cabinets are designed to be air tight and moisture proof and have a inbuilt system to remove air and moisture. They also come with humidity control which keeps your gear at the right temperature.