Add automatic water pump at your home and you will never have to worry about wasting water.

With the water crisis raging, we need to do everything we can to conserve drinkable water. And in this time of crisis the automatic water pump system has come in as a necessary aid. This system ensures that not a drop of water goes to waste when you transfer it from your reserve tank to your overhead water tank.

Wondering how?

Well, there are three components at work here: a motor drive named as Automatic Dhara, and two sensors (one each for your reserve and overhead water tanks). Understanding this system is simple. The sensors on both the tanks relay the water level data to the drive. As soon as the drive receives the report that the optimum level has been achieved, the drive switches the water pump off. This system is available in two modes at Poila Technologies – the wired and the wireless mode.

The wired mode basically allows data transmission through a wire to the motor drive. The wires run through the tank to the motor drive. The option is mainly adopted by houses with two or less stories. It is a cheaper mode but its drawback is the wire itself. The wireless mode transmits water level data via wireless network to the drive. The wireless mode is generally opted for by people with bigger houses, schools, hotels, apartments and the sort. Comparatively, wireless mode is more expensive than the wired mode.

Although the pump is powered by electricity, the sensors are completely isolated from it. The body of the sensors does not give off any charge, and is not affected by the water. However the sensor may change color if the iron content in the water is high.

For the homes that pump up tubewell or underground water, Poila Tech provides a dual motor system: one for filtering the water, and the other for controlling the sensors in the tank. The company also creates custom systems for larger industries that have specific requirements.

The price for these systems range from Rs. 6,500 to Rs.18,500 based on the modes and motor systems. These systems have a 20-25 year life span, and come with a year’s replacement guarantee.  Poila Tech sends people over to your place for the fittings, and also provides free wiring for the first 90 meters.