Wear the dry clothes straight from the dryer. No matter if it’s winter or monsoon, you need not worry about clothes not drying. Here we have some of the dryers to help you choose from.

Clothes dryer

Time has changed bringing dynamics in the way we manage our household. Having a limited space around the house and clothes being a major part of our lives, we need to find a middle ground to balance it out. A clothes dryer can be a big help, especially since winter is approaching. However, a clothes dryer can be useful regardless of the weather. No damp clothes! If you are someone who worries about irritants due to the clothes being exposed to the outside air, a clothes dryer does keep them from getting germs and contaminated. Moreover, if you have noticed, air-drying clothes sometimes make the color fade out and hampers the fabric too. Well, the dryer benefits from keeping the quality and color intact. Good news! So many layers there are about owning a clothes dryer, from saving space to crease-free drying, it never disappoints.



Type: Condensing

Dry capacity: 8 KG


  • True steam
  • Anti-crease
  • Child Lock
  • Clean filter
  • Time Delay
  • Drying step
  • Empty water
  • Remain time
  • Smart Diagnosis

Dry Programs: Cotton, Mix Fabrics, Easy Care, Bulky Item, Jeans, Sports Wear, Quick Dry, Delicate, Wool, Steam Hygiene, Steam Refresh, Rack Dry, Cool Air, Warm


Warranty: 10-year Motor Warranty

Dimension: Depth (mm)- 640, Height (mm)- 850, Width (mm)- 600

Display: Touch Led


TurboDry EX

Capacity (kg): 5.5

Net Weight (kg): 26

Dimensions (W x D x H - mm): 600x 530 x 720

RPM: 55

Warranty: 4 Years Super Warranty + 10 Years Spare Parts Support

Key features

  • Hot Air Drying: Yes
  • Refresh Cycle: Yes
  • Anti-crease: Yes
  • Flexible Placement: Yes
  • Lint Filter: Yes
  • 2-Way Adjustable Air Out Flow: Top & Side 


  • Drying Capability: 100%
  • Energy Consumption* (kW) (*Under standard testing conditions): 2.9
  • Cool Down Time (Mins): 13
  • Maximum Cycle Time (Mins): 180