With the advancement in technology, kitchen work has become so convenient and efficient. We can prepare every item at our favorite restaurant. When in the hustle, food preparation like chopping, slicing, blending, etc. can be time-consuming.

In the past few years, everything has been easier with innovative technologies and scientific appliances. Science has touched every aspect of our life and food is no exception. We are always in a dilemma to cook healthy food, which takes a lot of time in our hustle-bustle life. Have you ever come across a delicious recipe on social media? Have you tried making it? Or the thought of having to do all the dishes that come along, just tires you before you step into the kitchen? Would you make it, if you are told that all the steps to be followed in a recipe can be done in a single appliance? 

“Although a food processor is not an essential piece of equipment, because you can certainly chop, grate, slice, knead and mix everything by hand, it does do all the things very quickly and efficiently and saves you time and energy”. - Delia Smith. There are so many types of food processors that save us from getting late, eating unhealthy foods, and using only the ingredients we love. Sounds good, right? The benefits of it are even more interesting!

Types of food processors-

  • Coffee Grinders:

To all the coffee lovers and those who are particular about the kind of coffee they want. A coffee grinder is one of the must-have food processors. It is undoubtedly worth the purchase if you value freshly ground beans. They are handy, budget-friendly, and practical for daily use. If you need coffee, a good coffee grinder in the kitchen will want to get up from bed and kick start the day.

  • Vegetable and meat mincers: 

How many of us love burgers and Mo: Mo? I hope you are counting yourself in. Considering the cost of a single plate of Mo: Mo and one burger, you must often feel like you could make it at home as much as you want. A mincer can help you do that. The” keema” preparation consumes a lot of time if you start cutting with your hand. However, the mincers will do it within a few minutes. You can also make homemade sausages. There are varieties of types of mincers available in the market, one of which has to be in your home.

  • Juicers:

How many of us do not like fruits? Given that it is healthy for us and the juice form of fruits will make it easier for you to get in your fruits, juicers can be a real help. The juice boxes available in the market contain a lot of sugar and additives which might not be as healthy as homemade juice. Not only fruits, but you can also have vegetable juice like carrot and celery. The demand for juicers is getting high with the variation in models.

  • Grater:

A grater is also known as a shredder. If you love cheese over every food that you eat, or even if you are making pizza by yourself, with lots of cheese, grater can be one of the best ways to have it all grated. Of course, they are not only for cheese. If you are a tea lover, you can add grated ginger for it to be healthier and tasty. Zucchini, butter, potatoes, chocolates, carrots, celery, etc., there are so many things that can be grated with the use of a Grater. It is a kitchen utensil that will grate food into small pieces making your kitchen work easier. 

  • Mandolins:

Mandolins are used for slicing different varieties of ingredients, mostly vegetables, in a convenient way. It makes the vegetables presentable as the slices are uniform, they are evenly cut, especially if you want to cut it extra thin. They can be a little risky but if handled carefully, it will make the cooking time easy. It is made up of plastic, wood, or metal, along with a sharp blade fitted horizontally to it. A Mandolin purchase is worth it and a great useful addition to the kitchen. It can be fitted in a small place or you can keep it in a drawer and take it out when needed, hence why it is handy and easier to manage. At least, You don’t have to think about “where do I keep it?”.

There are so many types of food processors available in the market that only makes our kitchen work efficient and on top of that we can make our own healthy and delicious meals in a short time. It is like an extra set of hands in our kitchen as it can be used for chopping, blending, slicing, whisking, grinding, and pureeing.  Some of them are based on electricity while some of them are hand-operated. It gets really helpful during a festive time when so many have to be cooked for your family and friends and share a quality time. food processors can be your savior in your hustle-bustle life. food processors are getting technologically so advanced that you can do almost every food preparation with the help of it.