Pans and Pots make our cooking time so much easier. The better the cookware, the better turns out the taste of food. The delighted face needs the best quality pots and pans. Today, let’s discuss some of the types and materials of varieties of pots and pan

The festive season demands most of the cooking at home. You are cooking, sautéing, frying, searing, roasting, and living around food during this time. For the amazing and tastiest food to serve and enjoy, you might as well make a good addition of cookware, especially pots and pans to your kitchen. Let’s see some of the most needed kitchen items. 

  1. Fry Pan:

Frying Pans are probably the most used kitchenware in every household. The bottom is flat, the size varies but mostly around 8-12 inches in diameter, low outward flaring sides, and has long handles, you do own them, right? Not that we don’t use them on an everyday basis but especially during the festive season, their demand goes way higher. The fry pans are just perfect for flipping and stirring the foods as they are light-weighted. To your surprise, they do cook food quicker and hold the heat longer. You can get them a non-stick version and they don’t disappoint. So, a Fry Pan purchase is a win-win situation. 


  1. Sauté Pan:

Sauté Pan can be an extremely resourceful addition to your kitchen. You might feel that the Fry pan and sauté pan are similar, however, that is not the case. There are a few differences that completely separate them to be used for certain purposes. The first thing to notice is the fitting lid on the Saute Pan that keeps the heat intact and moisture. The wider flat bottom and the extra helper handle on the other side of the long handle make the sauté, sear, fry (pan fry, shallow fry, or deep fry), poach, braise, etc. process easier.


  1. Griddle/ Grill Pan:

Grilled food whether it be meat or veggies, hits different especially with family and friends enjoying it together. The varieties of food you can make in one grill pan are wide and versatile. You can make grilled cheese sandwiches, meat, veggies, burger patties, pancakes, sausages, French toast, eggs, and many more. They are mostly seen in square or rectangular shapes and if you own a traditional one, it might be round in shape. These days, you can find electric grills and griddles, in case you find it more convenient. 


  1. Stock Pot:

Dashain brings all the relatives together, which means the feast has to be ready. If you are planning on making something soup based, like curry soup, meat broth, stew from green vegetables, meat, egg, fish, etc. to enjoy with your family, the stock pot addition is necessary. Stock Pots have a flat bottom, straight sides, a wide opening, two handles on the sides, and a lid with a top handle. They tend to be handy and foods can be simmered evenly to be cooked to perfection. 


  1. Brazier Pot:

Brazier pots are shallow in-depth and have got more surface area. They are oven-safe pots, so you can easily roast chicken or even deep fry them. The purchase of a brazier pot works for multiple purposes saving money and time. you can steam vegetables, bake bread items, and make pizza, pancakes, toast sandwiches, and appetizers. It is a good deal and you must own one of them.


Best choice of pans/pots materials:

  1. Ceramic:

If you are contemplating the choice of materials, the suggestion would be Ceramic. It is considered to be good for the health as ceramics are non-reactive and contains no chemical preservatives. The use of oil or butter can be minimized and yet you can sauté or fry foods to perfection. 


  1. Copper:

Copper pans heat quickly compared to other materials. However, extra carefulness is needed when you are cooking in copper pans as they are very reactive to acidic foods. So, you might want to limit the food to non-acidic. Other than that, Copper cookware can be a great option to add to the kitchen especially because they are very durable, heat evenly and quickly, and you don’t have to worry about anything sticking to the bottom. 


  1. Aluminium:

Aluminium cookware is extremely easy to handle as they are light-weighted. If your menu has got food that needs a slow-cooking time, Aluminum can be a great choice. In addition to that, they heat quickly compared to iron or steel as they are very high in conductivity. The best thing about them is that they are recyclable and that steals the show. 


  1. Cast Iron:

There is almost no reason for you to not own one of these. Cast iron cookware is inexpensive, last forever, heat up, and stays hot, and washing them is pretty easy. You don’t have to worry about them going discolored or getting scratched. Even if they get rusted, you can clean them easily. Safe to say, they outlast forever. 

Which one caught your eyes and you found reasonable? You must already own most of them and if you have yet to purchase them, the above can be helpful.