An easy way to beat the summer heat is a glass of fresh fruit juice, and what better way to prepare it than with a hand blender. Effortless and quick, these are the two key words that describe the use of a hand blender. Well, there are also a number of other kitchen wares nowadays that make the process of cooking and eating much efficient, but hand blender can be considered as a necessity in every kitchen.  Hand blenders come with different types of blades built for different purposes, such as making smoothies, tomato acchar, purees and more. When it comes to blending food items, it is a very useful tool, and it is quite portable as well. Some hand blenders also include a chopping blade that makes chopping small quantities of onions and other vegetables easier.

Keeping all those things in mind, these are the five great ways of utilizing a hand blender:

  • Preparing salads from fresh vegetables, to making puree from cooked vegetables.
  • Preparing foods stems for babies that need to be mashed or in semi liquid form.
  • Making smoothies by mixing up yoghurt, milk and fruit.
  • Go head be innovative and create your own dish with a help of these hand blender.