Facts vs Myths about Exercise and Diet


  1. MYTH: Evening meals increase the risk of being overweight.

FACT: It is the calorie intake that matters regardless of the time.

  1. MYTH: You must get muscle soreness for the workout to work.

FACT: Muscles can be exercised without aching.

  1. MYTH: Fat can turn into muscle and muscle into fat.

FACT: They are completely different tissues and cannot be exchanged.

  1. MYTH: Workouts must be done for at least an hour.

FACT: Rather than duration, the efficiency, and consistency of the exercise regimen matter.

  1. MYTH: The more you sweat, the more you burn.

FACT: Sweat and weight loss are not directly proportional to each other.

  1. MYTH: You must do cardio on an empty stomach.

FACT: It is always recommended to eat light before doing cardio. However, maintain some time gap between eating and exercise.

  1. MYTH: Fat burn can be targeted.

FACT: Working out reduces overall body fat and you cannot target the fat burn.