We need some ways to bring that inner motivation and inspiration back to life. Hence, the autobiographic books of successful people exist as a ray of hope. Today, let’s discuss and know some of those books to read at least once in our life.

The Diary of a Young Girl:

The diary of a young girl by Anne Frank walks us through the reality of Jews during world war II. A young girl gets a diary on her thirteenth birthday and finds herself writing a journal. The book depicts how a teenage Jewish girl deals with fear, suffering, and hope while growing up in such a terrible situation. The story depicts the inner and outer self, love, sexuality, human nature, generosity, greed, and altogether advocates for the freedom to live. The diary of a young girl offers the journey of a Jewish girl from childhood to adolescence and how her sufferings deepen as she matures up. 


I am Malala:

I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai. The story is based on how a young girl of fourteen from Pakistan stood up for the right to education. The way every incident and event has been described sets a powerful and optimistic tone making it interesting for the readers. The story is written from the first-person point of view, which means the girl has solely narrated the book which makes us connect and feel for the character. The way she has used much factual information about her life inspires readers to voice up and gives a glimpse of how small voices can change the whole scenario of the world. 


Wings of Fire:

Wings of Fire by Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam is an autobiography book that recollects his minutest moments, struggles, failures, and his immense contribution to his country. You can expect scientific talk, failures leading to success, the importance of relationships, family, and friends, dream achievement, dedication, and goals. He talks about how an average young Indian man crowns himself with vision and victory. The journey of him reaching the stars and becoming the president of India. Everyone must read this book at least once in their lifetime. 


Autobiography of Yogi:

The autobiography of Yogi written by Paramahansa Yogananda is one of the famous and highly recommended books. Most of you might have already gone through it as well. The book beautifully trails through the life of Paramahansa and the destination being, spirituality. He talks about God, spirits, miracles, yogic teachings, and the interconnectedness of religious principles and tradition. Reading such books can be a great way of getting inspiration, and understanding a mystical path.